Do you want to compete with these excellent companies for a chance to pitch at Echelon 2019? Apply today!
The success of the startup scene in Vietnam has been one of best stories of 2019 so far. TOP100 is stoked to visit the country and find the best young startup Vietnam has to offer.

If you want to get an idea of the competition, below is a list of some of the startups that will be competing for the top prize. We can’t wait to see you there!

9 Vietnam TOP100 competitors

Minet Asia

An influencer marketing network, Minet Asia targets Facebook and Instagram (the two most popular social media networks in Vietnam). Its goal is to use AI and machine learning to help brands pick the perfect person for their campaign. Minet Asia claims to have 3000 influencers on its network.


This startup wants to streamline online background checks by using the blockchain to help people build immutable credentials. The goal is to build a network whereby individuals have control over verifying their creditials. The hope is to avoid duplicating their online identity. The blockchain creates an individually unique page that cannot be duplicated.


A regulatory assistant, Compliy wants to help companies quickly and efficiently adapt to regulatory changes. The company uses artificial intelligence to help companies identify a regulatory change, map it to existing policies and monitor its status in a workflow platform.


Kamereo is a B2B restaurant procurement platform for sourcing food and drinks. The platform helps people source for new customers, simplify the ordering process, analyse the orders and track cost control.

The goal is to make the restaurant procurement process more efficient in Vietnam.


Wicare is an insurance customer relationship managment (CRM) platform. CRM systems typically help people track leads, nurture potential clients and analyse the results. Most CRMs are global companies so Wicare offers a more localised alternative in Vietnam.


Mosia wants to become the go-to platform for professional emotional and mental support. The hope is to use the platform to detect cases and help people get help.

It is working on building a network of professionals to help create a network effect around mental health.


This e-commerce platform sells fashion for women. Based on the pricing, Ferosh sells outfits would fall in the mid-tier range of pricing. A typical dress costs between US$20 and US$50. A quick tour of the website seems to show a smart-casual style for women.


GODY.VN wants to become the TripAdvisor for Vietnamese travellers. The platform has reviews on hotels, transportation, ticketing and even popular picture-taking spots. It also has a product for people to ask questions and a smart map of different regions in Vietnam.


Buymed is a B2B platform for companies to buy medicine, first aide and dispensary items. It advertises itself to mom-and-pop pharmacies that make their living selling over-the-counter drugs to the average person. The platform takes care of every step from purchase to procurement to delivery.

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