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The hoo-ha over the Apple Store launch in Singapore, in tweets

What's the big deal about Apple Store's first store in Southeast Asia? Well, check out these tweets! 

Your startup may now need a CTO, plus 4 developer jobs posted in the jobs channel

Three reason you need a CTO and jobs postings from CFP Bots, Auluxa, DigixGlobal, Fundnel, and Green Koncepts 

Data and analytics are the new MVPs of healthcare, a fireside chat on disruptive innovation for better healthcare at Echelon Asia Summit 2017

The history of healthcare is long and somewhat horrifying, but disruptive innovation is making headway in improving age-old practices 

3 things all aspiring founders should know before embarking on a startup

Working in a startup is akin to running a very long marathon where bad days outnumber good ones. Building a great platform is about pushing boundaries and a lot of work is naturally involved 

Chat with Robin, and this virtual shopping assistant gives product suggestions from various sources in a matter of seconds

Just type in a query and the Robin chatbot will throw you all the best offers, deals and coupons on any product, brand or business category immediately 

Datefyx is a Singapore startup that helps busy couples plan date nights

Datefyx is on a mission to bring the romance back into couples' relationships 

Free stock photo startups are finding their place among giants, and complementary nature of services means that consumers win

With stock photos (both free and paid) being more and more accessible and affordable these days, the needs of people who need to use imagery in their daily work have been better fulfilled 

Blockchain is booming, but will grow to become a major city? Or is its future that of a ghost town?

With Bitcoin breaking investment records every day, we take a look at the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain 

How to best adopt successful macromanagement practices

Macromanagement can take overseeing processes from irritating to reassuring 

Taizo Son invests in platform that helps artists secure copyrights

Binded is a US-based startup that lets artists upload their works to a copyright vault