Today's top tech news, January 19: More details emerged on the latest funding round of Carousell

We also have updates from tech giants such as Google, Tencent, Uber, SoftBank, and Apple 

Can you have a productive morning if you are a night person?

Even if you’re a night owl, it doesn't mean that you have to survive mornings instead of enjoying them 

Xiaomi Singapore, Shun Wei co-lead US$18.2M investment of Indian language social platform ShareChat

ShareChat allows users to create their social profiles, follow other profiles, discover and share content with each other 

Nonprofit school École 42 brings tech talent to employers, startups

People talk about pushing the limits of education and École 42 is truly offering a radical solution to learning 

China’s top 1,000 apps reveal latest trends in mobile

The top 1,000 apps list was compiled according to market penetration rates 

Temasek leads US$100M funding in Chinese robotics and AI startup Rokid

The firm essentially provides voice-interactive access to weather, smart home automation, music, radio, weather, and basic chat 

5 things missing from your meetings, and what you can do to make face-to-face more productive

Effective meetings will allow you to make better, more creative, and more impactful decisions 

Thailand's D-NEXT provides free acceleration for zero equity in your startup

It is notable because it is the brought to the ecosystem by a Thailand state-owned Oil & Gas giant