How To Win at Google: A Crash Course on SEO

TOP100 Academy AMA with David Fallarme on optimising  your strategy for the digital age 

Dear tech companies, you’re more than just a platform

It's time for tech companies to stop hiding behind the "we're just a platform” jargon 

Malaysia auxiliary police are integrating a facial recognition surveillance technology used in China

The facial recognition technology is built by YITU, a company that is used in tourist locations and ports in China 

China to start testing 5G in 16 major cities

5G is instrumental to the development of many emerging technologies such as AR/VR, smart IoT, and smart car 

Is Grab making a grab for your wallet?

Grab is powerful; Its recent growth plus the Uber deal places Grab in a very dominant position, but vulnerable to competition 

The Story of You with Homage Co-founder and CEO Gillian Tee

Homage is using technology to improve the quality of care for Singapore's elderly population 

Why proptech and real estate tech will be important in Asia

Investment in this region of the world is expanding, which is driving prices up and making it an attractive investment 

High-ranking TrueMove executive suggests legal action against man who discovered data leak

This comes as the Thailand regulatory agency ordered TrueMove to create an impact assessment and compensation packages for victims of the data leak 

We want to hear from you! Take the 2-minute e27 survey to help us improve

It's just ten questions, but it will make a huge difference for e27 as we try to learn what YOU want 

Logistics startup Park N Parcel raises US$648K, aims to enter 3 new markets by Q4 2018

Park N Parcel wants to begin its Asia expansion by entering Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan