99.co completes US$15.2M Series B funding round, reveals expansion plan

Led by MindWorks Venture and Allianz X, the funding round also sees participation from East Ventures, Sequoia (India), and Eduardo Saverin 

Aardvark Labs, Padang & Co launch healthtech-focussed coworking space CATALYST

The companies said CATALYST seeks to create new partnerships that deliver real health outcomes and impact businesses 

Everest Education raises US$4M to expand its tech-based after-school learning centres in Vietnam

Everest has developed its own classroom management software and courses to empower students to succeed in international academic environments 

5 things every startup should consider outsourcing

As a founder outsourcing talent outside your gap of expertise can be easy and effective if done well 

Office 2.0: designing data-driven workspaces

The future of the modern workplace is one designed based on the needs of users, using data 

Enterprise focus, customer satisfaction, and technical expertise are key for scaling blockchain projects

What separates successful blockchain projects from those that bite the dust after a short while? 

Today's top tech news, Aug 19: Cambodia launches state-backed e-commerce platform

In addition to Cambodia, we also have updates from China's self-driving vehicle ambition, ShopKirana, and the Indonesian central bank 

Indonesian wellness startup RIDE gets US$1.25M Pre-Series A funding, rebrands into R Fitness

Under the new moniker, the company said it will carry multiple wellness products such as Ride, Rave, Reflect, and The POD 

Before becoming a great leader, become a good human first

By being a good human, great leadership comes next if the good human in question makes a conscious choice to be a great leader you want the shortcut to becoming a great leader? 

8 steps you should take in order to work from home effectively

The comfort of a home poses many distractions. Here's how to overcome them and achieve maximum productivity