Ironic as it may seem, the future of ICOs will rely on regulation

The current state of affairs begets the question whether some measure of regulatory oversight would be a deal breaker in the long term 

Noble House marketplace connects MNCs with independent HR consultants in Asia, raises US$734K

Noble House has created a community of 300-plus HR consultants across all skills and expertise on its platform 

Echelon gets into the World Cup spirit with a little trivia giveaway!

Answer these three questions correct and you can join us at Echelon! 

Cryptocurrency may be sexist, but it is for women, too

Even as we continue to participate in the crypto investment and development, the narrative stays the same: Cryptocurrency is a man’s world 

Meet the 10 rockstar startups at TAIRA's accelerator programme

These startups are applying AI and robotics technologies in a spread of sectors, including agriculture, education, healthcare, IoT, manufacturing and more 

Twitch Co-Founder Kevin Lin returns to Taiwan as free agent after Amazon Buyout

Game-streaming platform Twitch did so well that Amazon bought the startup for US$970 million in 2014 

Singapore's gaming startup Mighty Bear raises funding; market-testing first title in India, Philippines

According to the startup, existing popular titles such as Hearthstone and Clash of Clans didn’t follow the market trends, whereas Mighty Bear brings people fresh and hyper-engaging experiences 

27 investors that make Echelon 2018 the best tech event this year

Part of the reason to attend a tech conference is to meet investors and pitch your company. These 27 standouts will make Echelon a fantastic lead-gen opportunity 

YouTube, Twitch co-founders invest in Taiwanese news site The News Lens

Earlier this year, The News Lens acquired Taiwan tech site INSIDE and sports site Sports Vision