IDOOH and Voyager Philippines will engage ridesharing passengers with freenet-supported digital content

IDOOH, a company providing a platform for Out-of-Home (OOH) media environment on vehicles in Philippines partners with Voyager Philippines for in-vehicle interactive content 

Singapore's BMFA Group invests US$25M in CoAssets's fund CASFAR

According to the terms of the contract, the US$25 million will be invested in 11 tranches of at least US$2 million each up to October 2019 

Today's top tech news, Sept 21: Splend enters Indonesia, Alibaba launches new smart mobility partnerships

Amazon makes new investment in India to strengthen its grocery service offerings, while a US-based cloud company makes it entry to Asia 

Singapore-based NEO Global Capital funds music blockchain startup Muzika

Muzika is a Korea-based blockchain startup with a unique rewards system for artists and users 

Alibaba's hospitality robot can deliver meals, take laundry to guests

Guests talk to the robot via voice command, touch and hand gesture, and its responses are driven by AliGenie, the software that powers Alibaba A.I. Labs’ smart speaker, Tmall Genie 

The co-working experience is not just about space but more about community

Co-working spaces are pushing the boundaries of traditional office spaces, embodying the perfect representation the modern world 

Briefing: Findings of CEO’s rape accusation has turned over to prosecutors

The case was originally denied by, who called it slander, but then later confirmed by the company 

Ping An targets Crazy Rich Asians with launch of wealth app in Singapore

Called Lu Global, the wealth management app targets the uber-rich of Singapore and is another step in Ping An's Southeast Asia ambitions 

3 things that could make or break your e-commerce startup

In this competitive industry, it pays to be ahead of the competition 

Beyond consumer targeting, here are 3 ways blockchain fosters customer engagement and loyalty

Companies will have to work hard to earn customers by providing them with the tools, the insight, and the power to make their own educated decisions