Presenting the 4 judges at TOP100 South Korea Qualifiers

Echelon TOP100 2018's South Korea qualifiers sports four judges that will determine the country's next greatest startup. 

These 10 startups will make Chaebols think twice about the startup ecosystem

The Echelon TOP100 team heads over to South Korea to witness 10 startups spark a fervour amongst judges and fans. Fight! 

Today's top tech news, April 20: Fyle, Cobo Wallet raise funding rounds

In addition to Fyle and Cobo Wallet, Edu2Review and Intrepid are also some of the startups announcing their funding rounds today 

Masterminds of Bitcoin Ponzi scheme ordered to pay multi-million dollar fines

It comes the same week as another Ponzi scheme was busted in China 

TOP100 Academy with Alexander Jarvis: Fundraising Sales Interview Questions

Get all your fundraising questions in folks. This is one AMA you definitely wouldn't want to miss out on. 

This Malaysian startup wants to connect Founders with journalists, wins Vikingcubator pitching competition

Driven, a P2P car buying and selling platform and Bountie, a blockchain-for-gaming company received Vikingcubator honorable mentions 

8 ways you can hire top talent on a small budget

Look in places you might not have originally thought for undervalued talent 

Southeast Asian businesses need to be more inclusive

An inclusive culture ensures better financial performance, innovation, getting and retaining resources, and improved customer relationships