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5 essential organisational steps for your startup's tech infrastructure

Always make sure you review your infrastructure from time to time, especially when there's a change to your business 

How Oway plans to win Myanmar as the country strives to build a digital ecosystem

With its online travel agency, ride-hailing services, and corporate fleet services, Oway is one of the leading names in the local tech ecosystem 

4 ways agritech and IoT can revolutionise the farming sector

To make sure that we produce enough food for a growing population, we need to optimise our farming industry, and this is where IoT comes in 

The compelling case for cryptopayments in Asia

As demand increases, more merchants will be looking towards solutions that are convenient, cost-effective, secure, and accessible by large amounts of people 

How does web host affect your online business?

The stronger your web host is in the following areas, the better they will be able to serve your business. 

This Machine Learning startup helps breast cancer patients customise treatment, predicts risk of recurrence

OncoStem's product CanAssist-Breast helps early-stage cancer patients plan optimum chemotherapy treatment 

On Bahrain's wish list: Becoming a fintech incubator

Regulations are leading innovation in Bahrain, says Bahrain investor an technologist 

Singapore-based Elite Partners's new US$200M fund to invest in undervalued firms

Elite Trafford Global Equity Fund offers investors exposure to companies that have strong long-term fundamentals but are being undervalued by the market 

Today's top tech news, Sept 20: Go-Viet general manager to leave in October

In addition to Go-Viet, we also have updates from the Indian government, OVO, and Crowde