Today's top news, Nov. 15: MAS seeks public feedback on fintech ‘sandbox express’

Sandbox express will fast-track approvals for firms embarking on fintech experiments, giving them quicker access to its so-called sandboxes 

He broke up with his girlfriend at 19, but is now a dating and life coach in Singapore

 MarcusNeo is a platform that publishes practical life and dating advices grounded in psychology, and also offers live coaching programmes 

3 strategies that helped our Taiwan startup win the Indonesia Best Brand Awards 2018

All the difficulties and the obstacles we have encountered only made us stronger and led us to where we are now 

5 hypergrowth tech companies share tips on how to get hired, straight from Wantedly's Hiring Fest

More companies are now focussing on employer branding to attract quality candidates, especially when it comes to hiring for technical talents such as developers and engineers 

Meet the e27 Academy trainers who will power up your financial and go-to-market strategies

e27 Academy's agenda will help you leverage new ideas and solutions to tackle any challenges ahead 

Grab is going let you remit money in early 2019

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Bjorn Lee teaches energy management masterclass in e27 Academy

Ever noticed how a full day doesn't always equal a productive one? 

4 amazing startups that caught our eye at the Singapore Fintech Festival

From KYC to bond-buying, fintech startups are tackling every segment of the financial industry 

FinLab expands its SME accelerator programme into Thailand

The three-month programme will help SMEs refine their business models and adopt digital solutions particularly those in online sales and marketing 

Big ambitions for PayPal Incubator 2018 cohort

We took a deep dive into the PayPal Incubator 2018 cohort, including our three 'learnings' after conversations with the entrepreneurs