Building your company? These workshops at #Echelon2019 are designed to help

#Echelon2019 Premier ticket holders get access to these workshops! 

In Amazing Fables's personalised story book, your kid is the hero

Amazing Fables, started by Warren Leow, enables you to select a story, customise the name, avatar and gender, and personalise the dedication message 

Grab partners with Indonesian varsity to nurture medtech, social startups

University of Indonesia and Grab have joined forces to support the university's development program for startups 

Ready to be won over by the right ideas? 20 more exhibitors will showcase at Echelon

As Echelon Asia Summit inches closer, our 8th set of exhibitors features 20 companies out to win you over 

Today's top tech news, May 17: Banks to invest US$50M in digital cash settlement project

The project aims to develop a system to make clearing and settlement in financial markets more efficient 

Agung Nugroho on Kudo’s latest innovation, and keeping tabs on financial inclusion for all

e27 spoke to Agung Nugroho, fintech Kudo’s CEO, who’s going to be on stage at Echelon Asia Summit 2019 talking about Grab’s acquisition 

Brinc raises US$1.5M pre-seed round for China-focussed accelerator

The new business spin-out is called Brinc Accelerator of Accelerators (Brinc AOA) 

Delivering 3M martabaks in a year: How Go-Jek uses big data to run business better

When it comes to the use of data, Crystal Widjaja, Go-Jek SVP of Business Intelligence, says that the opportunities to grow are abundant 

A little bit of fun to help you attend #EchelonAsia2019

If you can't tell, we like riddles. Here is another one to help you attend #EchelonAsia2019!