Today's top tech news, April 26: Uber aims for US$80B-90B valuation in IPO

Apart from Uber, we also have updates from Hijabenka, Deal Street Asia, and SelenaGO 

Leisure marketplace SelenaGO raises seed funding from UMG Idealab

The corporate venture capital arm of UMG Group has invested in the leisure marketplace company from Indonesia 

These four women are changing the venture capital landscape across Southeast Asia

Find out their take on country’s fragmented startup market at Echelon Asia Summit 2019 

Nikkei buys majority stake in DealStreetAsia

Nikkei Inc came through and bought a majority stake in the media company based in Singapore 

GK-Plug and Play Indonesia names new partners, graduates 16 startups

Four batches of GK-Plug and Play Indonesia participating startups have obtained a total of US$20 million in investment 

Founding a startup: You think you're ready, but are you really ready?

Two simple ways to determine whether your startup idea is ready to take off ---or not 

Think you know the Marvel universe? Test your knowledge for Echelon tickets

Do you consider yourself a diehard Marvel fan? It might be worth a ticket to Echelon! 

Today's top tech news, April 25: Hiip buys BP Network in Indonesia; MaGIC's global programme is back

BP Network is a female social network that has been active in the social influencer space in Indonesia for more than two years 

AI-powered NeuroTags helps businesses eliminate counterfeits of their products from the market

NeuroTags, which is attached to the product, can be scanned by anyone with a smartphone to get all the information and identify whether or not the item is genuine and authentic