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Selected workshops are further broken into smaller group Roundtable discussions with Mentors to tackle real life application and challenges.

Radhika Dutt
Co-Founder, Radical Product
Become a Radical Product Thinker and unlock the visionary inside

We’ve been taught that visionaries are the rare, once-in-a-generation unicorns who change the world. If you're here, you want to change the world. And in fact, each of us is changing the world, in big ways or small, even if we don't realize it. So what does it really mean to be a visionary?

Join us as we talk about how we can be Radical Product Thinkers, or visionaries who are purposefully changing the world. What are the most common barriers or diseases that prevent us from creating change? Is the widely accepted model for building products, i.e. Build, Measure, Learn, Scale, really effective for building great products? Is there a better way to build world-changing products? We'll talk about how you can be a Radical Product Thinker both at work and in your personal life so that you can unlock the visionary within and consistently build world changing products.

Radhika Dutt
Co-Founder, Radical Product
How to create a powerful Vision and Product Strategy

Both Agile and Lean Startup are great for smart, feedback-driven execution - but they can't replace the foundation of product vision and strategy. In this hands-on workshop you'll gain practical experience in applying Radical Product Thinking to your work/ startup, so you can build vision-driven products. You'll work individually or in teams with other members of your startup, to develop a powerful vision and a comprehensive Product Strategy for your startup/ product. You'll also develop a prioritization approach that will help you in everyday life as you evaluate opportunities, balancing long-term goals vs. short-term activities that help you survive. The workshop will give you practical experience in being a Radical Product Thinker in any line of work: from non-profits to research, from government to high tech.

Paddy Tan
Founder, Interventures Asia
How to evaluate a market and the best strategy (DIY, Joint Venture or Acquisition) when scaling based on your business

In the context of dating, a JV is the equivalent of getting engaged. Joint ventures are marathons and require a significant amount of planning and integration of management teams. It also reduces the capital risk and time to market. Further, it effectively expands your resources and complements shortfalls in expertise. In this session we help you quantify the risks and gains from a JV, and provide a framework for sourcing for local partners.

Roy Ang
Regional Business Development - Grab
Developing a winning and effective Go-to-Market Strategy for your startup

GTM plans are essential for bold company decisions and creates alignment across teams and sets forth a timeline to be executed against. This creates accountability and becomes immediately actionable. Take a step by step approach to apply our GTM framework to your existing (or future) Go To Market strategy and develop it further as we challenge your plan.

Michael Lints
Partner - Golden Gate Ventures
An in-depth look into the business culture and startup landscape in Southeast Asia

As the ecosystem for startup and tech entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia has grown substantially in the past few years, navigating it can become a tricky process. Join Michael Lints, as he aims to shed the light on what the Southeast Asian market trends, what to look out for and how to make it easier for your company to expand within the Southeast Asian market.

The key driving aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B. An effective branding strategy along with strong marketing, gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. But what exactly does ``branding and marketing`` mean? How does it affect a business like yours?

Florian Cornu
Founder and CEO - Future Flow
Learning the steps to help you manage your operating cash flow statement and company finances

The numbers. We've all heard the saying of money makes the world go round, but it also grinds the wheels and fuel the engine that keeps companies moving. But how certain are you about the money inflow matches the outflow? Are you confident about your books are all tidied and balanced to even that remaining penny?

Learn the basics of accounting: balance sheets, income statements, and cashflow. We go a step further to share the top 10 mistakes Founders make when managing capital and cashflow.

Bjorn Lee
Founder -
A step by step guide on how to effectively delegate your energy when running a startup

Time may be finite, but energy (capacity) can be both renewed and expanded. Challenge conventional thinking and learn how time management induces anxiety and stress. Learn the four forms of human energy and how to maximise your effectiveness by scheduling tasks that leverage natural energy peaks at various points in the day.

Kineret Karin
Founder - Impactech
Deconstructing creative thinking to create innovative solutions

It may sound paradoxical to apply a science to creativity - and we will challenge this notion. Identify how to turn a seed into an idea, and next turn that into reality. In this course you can expect to understand the science behind decontructing creative thinking and innovative solutions. A must have skillset for the rapid and uncompromising Startup world.

Brandon Naber
Founder and CEO - Sales Development Coach
A look into setting sales KPIs, understanding the business funnel and sales acceleration techniques

A good sales process helps close deals , a great sales process will make it easy for anyone to adopt and repeat that sales process to take your business to greater heights.

But coming up with a repeatable, scalable sales process is never easy. There's no one way, process or theory on how you should be doing things. So where and how should you start? How do you define what your company’s ideal sales process should look like?

Vincent Woon
Co-Founder and CEO - Holistics
Understanding, visualising data and implementing a dashboard for day to day operations

In every startup, the business environment is always in fast paced and you either get things done quick or get left behind. You need to be able to pivot on a moment's notice, and make changes to projects and activities in real-time. Behold, the Dashboards. A source of salvation that provides real-time visibility into the most important metrics that drives a business. When something goes wrong, dashboards immediately warn us of the situation. It's not just about monitoring. When a number goes from good to bad, we are able to react.

To be successful, we know we can never lose sight of our performance.

Why use dashboards? To inspire action, to make positive changes, and to grow our business.

Mario Berta
Founder and CEO - FlySpaces

World-class athletes and high-performing CEOs know that the secret to achieving and breaking records comes from producing in “the Zone.” You don’t have to win trophies or be CEO of the year to get in the Zone and have a winning season. What you do require, is laser focus, commitment and a willingness to take a few hits. You will have to get off the couch and into the arena.

Mohan Belani
Co-Founder and CEO - e27
Identifying and managing the fundamental causes of organizational politics and team failure

The bestseller ``5 dysfunctions of a team`` is also referred to as the most practical resource on building teams. Learn how to identify behavioural patterns in your team before they become an epidemic. In this session, we tackle real examples of how each dysfunction can impact businesses and the upside to productivity and team morale gains once addressed.

Jacqui Hocking
Managing Partner - VSStory
Andrew Wong
Co-Founder - Scale Up Academy

When the fires spread and everything around you gets crazy, do you hold the fort? Do you stay your ground and rally the troops? The Startup world will deal you crisis hands. Take a self assessment to examine your self-talk and frame on mind. Then, learn how to lead through the storm. We teach you how to maintain perspective, routine, focus on what you can control, and understand there is (usually) always a way forward.

William Koo
Managing Director - Novus BridgeWorks
Great Managers aren't born, they're trained

The cost of a lack of management skills to your company is more than you can afford. Learn how to distill clarity and accountability in your company. Understand the diversity of human motivation and build a culture of personally caring and guidance. Connect the dots and empower your team to see the big picture and solidify their position and purpose in your company.

Tanisha Banaszczyk
Investment Manager - Convergence Ventures
Understanding the best practices in managing investors, stakeholders and building a board pack

A major checkpoint for any startup, the first board meeting is definitely scary. Not only have you just survived your first year, but you have gotten to a point where you need to formalize your company’s processes and structure. But what comes next? You might have your investors coming from overseas and as CEO, you need to present them with something that shows they put their faith and capital in the right place.

Nic Lim
Founder and Managing Partner - 8Capita

``The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine`` - Mike Murdock

If you've read stories of the most successful entrepreneurs, they all mention that good daily habits and practices, has allow them to remove distractions, stay healthy and also reflect on their productivity at the end of the day.

In this session, Nic Lim will share his series of best practices, hacks and habits which he personally has tried and tested.

Zoë Ng
Co-Founder & Managing Director - Raintree Development
Broardening a startup's potential through social impact (while hitting revenue targets)
Oswald Yeo
How to and best practices when tapping onto a global talent supply

Every company faces the constant struggle to find and retain talent that gives them the edge and enables them to stay ahead of emerging technologies. Discovering people who excel in fields like digital marketing, data, web development, and more involves going beyond posting a job description online and letting the candidates come to you.

In this day and age, you need to become more proactive and creative when it comes to hiring and cultivating great teams. This means looking both within and outside of your company’s walls for inspiration, capabilities, and assets.

Besides the generic box, have you tried any out of the box methods? Let Oswald enlighten you on some!

Managing employees is never easy. How would you deal with employees, that have performed exceptionally well this year and are both due for the promotion but there's only one open position? Would you make them fight for it? Would you just choose based on age? On seniority in the company? It's never easy to make the decisions on these things but during this session, let us try to ease that stress and shed some light on the matter.

Understand the benefits and challenges that come with a remote team. Learn critical interview tips when hiring remote employees. Establish remote working policies and learn the hows of onboarding remote team members. Finally, be prepared for extreme scenarios such as employee disappearance and the 20 common excuses to look out for.

Nigel Ong
Project Manager - FundedHere
Discover various ways to fundraise and how to effectively position your startup

ICOs, grants, crowd funding, accredited investor loans, debt financing, purchase order financing, lines of credit, and the lottery. We explain each option and breakdown the likely scenarios in which each fundraising option makes the most sense.

Florian Cornu
Founder and CEO - Future Flow
Understanding key cap table concepts that will help you navigate the journey from inception to exit

Learn the 10 rules of cap table management, common management issues faced by early start Founders, and tools you can use to help you plan scenario modelling. Walk away with a dictionary of terms related to cap tables: share types, convertible notes, grant options, vesting cliff periods, effective pre and post money and much more!

Michael Blakey
Managing Partner - Cocoon Capital Partners Pte Ltd

Learn the dos and donts, and the must-have elements in your pitch deck. Review 20 famous (and infamous) pitch decks and elevator pitches as we examine the hits and misses. Then, form teams as we embark on a mini pitch battle.

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