Adriana Gascoigne, Speaker at Echelon 2012

Adriana Gascoigne (Founder & CEO of Girls in Tech) Speaker at Echelon 2012

Adriana Gascoigne is probably one of the most gorgeous girls in tech. Not only good looking, Adriana is also good at what she does. The founder and CEO of Girls in Tech, shares that one of the mottos she lives by day-to-day is to “embrace risk.”

As an advisor to a variety of start-ups including Involver, Numiyo Technologies, Palindrome Advisors, Charity Blossom, DooChoo, and, one of the mottos that she lives by day-to-day is “embrace risk.”

“If there is anything that I’d like to share with the Singaporean tech community it is just that – embracing risk will enable people to become more entrepreneurial, innovative and leadership-oriented. Building a company is not easy, it’s scary, but if you believe in yourself, if you’re passionate about your product idea and are not afraid of failure – anything is possible.

That is why Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard to launch Facebook, and why a variety of other entrepreneurs have been successful in developing truly useful and innovative tech products.”

Girls in Tech started out as a casual meeting of industry friends interested in pow wow’ing about all things tech, such as the start-up culture, product marketing and development and business dealings.

The meeting was meant as a sounding board for the minority in tech – women – to help answer questions, address any concerns in the workplace, bounce product feature ideas off of each other, etc.

Girls in Tech is on a mission to give female developers, designers and marketers a voice and encourage the younger generations to embrace technology and the start-up world as a viable career path.

Previously, Adriana worked as the Vice President of Marketing at SecondMarket, the global marketplace for illiquid assets. She was responsible for SecondMarket’s marketing, branding strategy, event production and digital media efforts.

Prior to joining SecondMarket, Adriana worked at a variety of technology start-ups spearheading marketing, communications and analytics. She worked at hi5, SocialGamingNetwork (SGN), Jambool’s SocialGold, GUBA as well as Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide as the Vice President of 360 Digital Influence and Edelman as the Vice President of the Digital Group.

Adriana Gascoigne (Founder & CEO at Girls in Tech) Speaker at Echelon 2012

Adriana Gascoigne (Founder & CEO of Girls in Tech) Speaker at Echelon 2012

Adriana Gascoigne (Founder & CEO of Girls in Tech) is one of the awesome speakers at Echelon 2012. This tech conference is a two-day, double-track event on 11 and 12 June 2012 with over 1,100 delegates, a demo pit of up to 50 regional startups per day and various workshops. Get your tickets now!