Adrian Tan
PeopleStrong | Regional Leader - Client Solutioning | SG HRTech Map creator | ChannelNewsAsia Workplace commentator


My entry into HR Tech started after I exited from my recruitment business.

I interviewed at LinkedIn and but didn’t get into either. Even though my friend did hire me into HackerTrail, it was short-lived.

Given that I like to write, I turned to it as an expression outlet and started focusing my blog ( covering HR Tech.

Since then I had interviewed and acquainted with > 200 HR Tech Vendors and also participated as a judging panel in HRD HR Tech Pitch Fest.

This also led me to create the HR Tech Market Maps for Singapore (2017, 2018, 2019) as well as Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia and Japan in 2018.

Most recently, I was named one of the top 60 global influencers in HR Tech by DigitalHRTech.

All this led to my current stint with PeopleStrong to help organisations piece together the best possible HR Tech solutions.

On the side, I do commentary for ChannelNewsAsia related to workplace matters.

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