Focusing on both the enterprise and SME markets, Payroll Hero offers a simple and straightforward way for companies to clock their employee hours. The winner of the Philippines Satellite last year, they think that employee tracking should be seamless and straightforward. This is why Payroll Hero lets employees clock in and clock out through several means. This includes clocking in through a common iPad at the office entrance. Employees who have their own computers can also clock in using their own terminals. Logging in can also be done from an iPhone or an iPod Touch. Companies can also opt to limit login from within the corporate network to prevent fraud.

Payroll Hero does away with the usual biometric system that uses fingerprints or even passwords and PINs. The system just captures your face and automatically identifies you with its facial recognition system. According to co-founder Stephen Jagger, this saves companies and employees thousands of hours per year. And what do employees feel about the experience of clocking in with facial recognition? They seem to be happy about it.

Payroll Hero is more than just about attendance, as it also handles payroll, taxes, deductibles, and just about anything related to human resources. The system also automatically generates reports that can be submitted directly to the bank for payroll. An added value for employers is the Analytics dashboard, which provides an overview of how their employees fare in terms of early arrival and tardiness — and this has added factors, like commute distance and weather.

According to Stephen, business analytics from clocking in and out “makes HR and payroll people much more productive. Plus it gives employees and management transparency on what is happening.”

After 500,000 photo booth shots, Stephen says the company is working hard at aggregating the data captured so far, in order to determine the general feeling of the system’s users, and how this relates to productivity.

So far, it has been positive, as Stephen cites a lot of “peace signs and thumbs ups” from the individual shots. Payroll Hero also supports logging in through group shots, which Stephen says can add a social dimension to an otherwise boring activity of clocking in or out. In an earlier interview with e27, the Canadian co-founder stresses the importance of mood in productivity, which is why the Manila- and Whistler, BC-based startup is aggregating its data to come up with business intelligence that can help clients predict productivity depending on the day, moods, weather and even traffic conditions.

So, just how important is happiness in productivity? Work-life balance is still a tricky proposition both in the enterprise and entrepreneurship setting, that even startup founders dread getting burned out. Will making it easier to clock in and out make employees happier? Will offering a quicker way to compute for compensation make companies more efficient? This is what Payroll Hero is all about.

Most recently, Payroll Hero has signed Faburrito, a two-year old restaurant that gets good help from Payroll Hero in the HR services department. Stephen says the company gets a good mix of different industries among its clientele, although restaurants, retail firms and business process outsourcing firms are among its mainstays — “basically, highly scheduled hourly workforces,” he adds.

Apart from Payroll Hero’s focus on Philippine companies, it is now gearing up to launch in Singapore and optimizing the system for the setup in the city-state. Stephen says interested companies can sign up for beta access to get updated once Payroll Hero launches in Singapore.