Finding friend on Aiiooo

In love with social networks? Now there’s one for the pet lover.

Remembering those old days of the Tamagochi? A virtual pet in a small egg-shaped device from Japan that was released in the nineties and sold millions of units. Now, virtual pets have their own place on the net and we, as the owners, are able to enjoy them in an integrated social experience.

Aiiooo (the name originates from the Mandarin term “Ai Wu”, which mean loving animals) is creating a place for pet lovers to interact with each other through their virtual pets. Socializing can be done with actions like ‘pat’, ‘sniff’, ‘lick’, and even spending quality time together just like what humans need and always do.

The actions will help cheer up the pets whenever they are sad, which is indicated by the Pet Happiness Index. The more time users interact with their pets, the more they will be entitled to earn titles such as Sir, Lord, Duke and King. Additionally, each user will be able to make new friends of all shapes and sizes, set up play dates, flaunt cute pictures and track the moods of their respective pets.

To enrich the knowledge of the owners, the site provides news section displaying all the latest pet related news across the globe and tips section showing comprehensive information about pet grooming as well as how we can train our pets.

The team, which has a strong belief in their mantra “Create like a God, Command like a King and Work like a Slave”, are going to roll out a ‘virtual pet’ where everyone can join in the fun even though for those who haven’t had a pet yet. And games for users to play and earn reward points. Moreover, with points accumulated, users are allowed to buy virtual goods and accessories for their pets. With integrated marketing campaigns as one of their strongest arm, they set sights on expanding and solidifying their presence not only in Southeast Asia but rest of the world.

For the time being, the Singaporean startup would like to focus on giving owners more quality time spent with their pets and creating healthy environment for owners to learn more about pet care and welfare. “The total number of pets is over 377 million in the US alone. We already know pet owners will do anything for their pets, and often feel guilty for not spending more time with them,” CEO Mikael Teo explains.