Home automation had been a luxury for millions in the world till a few years ago. The middle-class never pondered over home automation because it cost them a fortune. Till today, many people regard it as an elitist solution.

But that has become a thing of the past — thanks to a gradual rise in the income level across the globe. Human beings are now chasing new ways to make their life more comfortable and tension-free. And that is where automation solutions come in.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), home automation has already sneaked into our living rooms and is now set to creep into our lives in full.

“The home automation market is nascent and not yet cluttered or commonplace. It is still aspirational and we would like to banish the notion that it is only for the elite or for those who can afford the luxury of automating their homes,” said Siddharth Banerjee, Co-founder of Cosine Labs, a startup looking to democratise this industry.

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“We see the market at the brink of take-off. Given that most builders and real-estate developers are looking to differentiate themselves from competition, home automation seems to be the way to go as a choice differentiator. This doesn’t restrict us in terms of a sector. We see ourselves being able to create simplified, seamless living across sectors such as hospitality, commercial properties, office spaces, senior care, disabled homes etc.,” he added.

Aime & Me

Built in 2016 by Banerjee, Sriram Padmanabhan, Krithika Radhakrishnan, and Arindam Chatterjee, Bangalore-based Cosine Labs offers a home automation solution called Aime (acronym for “AI+me”) that simplifies the following areas of one’s life: security, connectivity, efficiency and convenience.

According to Banerjee, Aime is a fully automated ecosystem designed to enable organic interactions with your home, one-touch connection to your world, and efficient energy usage for a better environment.

“We created Aime to challenge what is possible to improve the quality of our everyday life. By providing a range of capabilities including complete wireless home automation, remote access to essential info services, health/fitness data capture, and energy/water management, Aime frees up time to enjoy life,” Banerjee explained.

Organise your life much better

When it comes to safety and security, Aime offers wireless doorbell with video; break-in sensors; smoke, gas and CO2 detectors; remote control camera; and 24×7 monitoring service.

As for energy management, the solution offers home energy metre managing costs; remote control heating/cooling/lighting; motion sensors for lights; curtain controls, optimisation based on temperature/usage pattern; and water usage sensors.

Cosine Labs Founders

In home entertainment, users can enable Aime to stream music through various streaming services, make automatic ambience setting based on scenario, and do one-touch setting for video and lighting.

The app can be integrated with third-party apps — to manage your calendar, book a cab, and track health and fitness. The startup will soon add smart kitchen features for recipes and also to enable you to order groceries.

An open platform, Aime can support up to 9 protocols and hence has multi-protocol support.

“Aime’s USP is that it caters to all demographies and facilitates multiple ways to interact with your home. Secondly, there is no restriction on the number of devices that can be connected,” said Co-founder Radhakrishnan. “To top it all, Aime’s smart water metering and energy management solutions are unique; no other companies in home automation provide them. You can initiate text-based commands and hence chat with Aime, and you keep receiving feedback on execution of command in the form of text messages on your phone.”

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According to Radhakrishnan, Cosine Labs’ technology is primarily targeted for three industry segments in India–  residential real estate, commercial real estate, and hospitality. In the residential real estate space, the opportunity is to provide smart home technology for growing single homes and apartments.

In commercial spaces like malls and office buildings, Aime can deliver several functions like security and energy management, audio-video in conference rooms, parking automation, and sensor based lighting. In hospitality, the technology can be used to significantly enhance checking and in-room experience, and enable keyless entry.

Cosine has already been noticed by some leading world brands, including Samsung and Bosch for its innovative product.

The startup has been accepted into the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP), which allows it to not only access their tools and resources, but also exposure to their current sales channels as smart home partners. Cosine is also one of the 13 startups selected for Bosch India’s incubation programme, called DNA.

“We have done multiple demos at high-profile builders in India and have engaged distributors pan India. We are planning to on-board a few customers shortly. We also look to launch the B2C version by the end of this year,” she added. 

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Radhakrishnan claims that the startup has made the pricing dynamic, but it is still affordable compared to existing solutions in the market.

Bootstrapped so far, Cosine is looking to raise seed funding and is already in talks with a few investors.

Image Credit: Cosine Labs