Powered by Flocations, customers can now book their AirAsia ticket through the new plug-in which can be accessed from chrome.airasia.com.

Updates: We just received an update from Flocations co-founder Tudor Coman saying, “any website owner can contact us and we will help them integrate Flocations. We also are in talks with some other partners for deeper integration. We do not disclose the financial terms of our partnerships so I can not comment on this.”

To complete a transaction on the new site, customers would only need to complete four simple steps: Destination (choose your destination and departure dates), Flight (choose which flight and the timing you want), Details (enter your personal details) and then Purchase (complete your ticket transaction).

The new site features a cleaner user interface with no extra promotional advertisements, and is definitely slicker and makes the original website looks obsolete. Other than that, the new site also features a new discover tab that allow users to visually discover places to travel. The innovation is powered by Flocations, an online travel startup based in Singapore.

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The news of AirAsia follows shortly after Flocations, launches their own app to the Google Chrome app store. As 50% of Flocations’ audience comes from Chrome users, the Flocations Google Chrome plug-in provides a one-click visual access to Flocations from the homepage of their favorite browser, removing the hassle of URL typing. Flocations is also integrated within SouthEastAsiaBackpacker.com and available as a Facebook App. With AirAsia now integrating Flocations into its own web app, Flocations’ brand awareness will be raised significantly.

What is interesting about the AirAsia Google Chrome app is that its transactions are only available in Malaysia Ringgit, US Dollars, Renminbi, Australian Dollar, Sterling, Euro, and New Zealand Dollars. To be able to book your tickets from other countries, you have to transact through its official website. According to a financial industry veteran who chose to remain anonymous, the reason why the transactions are limited in currency choices are because these are probably the countries which AirAsia are making more revenue in terms of foreign currency exchange rate, whereas other currencies not available on the new Chrome app generates a lower revenue for AirAsia in terms of foreign exchange rate.

Google Chrome Store was launched back in December 2010, and according to Chrome OS Apps Org, an organization that tracks the Chrome store, Google Store has already more than 46,000 apps on it.