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A new smartwatch is about to hit the markets running. Alibaba revealed the new inWatch Run at a conference yesterday. This is the first smartwatch to feature YunOS for Wear, an Android-based system for wearables designed by Alibaba.

The smartwatch is catered specifically for marathon runners, with the main highlight being the device’s highly sensitive heart-rate sensor. InWatch claims to have a high precision rate to make sure the user is always aware of their heart rate. It also has an altimeter and barometer.

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InWatch Run records calories used, speed and distance. The watch also supports GPS, with real-time data uploads at 30-second intervals. It has a screen resolution of 400 x 400 and 4GB of storage.

Aesthetically, the smartwatch, which boasts a battery life that supposedly has over 100 hours in standby mode, has a sporty look with synthetic straps and Gorilla Glass protection to boot. It is reported that inWatch Run will be available for sale from October 18, at the price of RMB1599 (US$206).

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In comparison, Apple Watch also features an activity app that provides simple visuals of daily activity, including calories burned and distance covered, and has a heart rate sensor, accelerometer and GPS.

Apple’s product, however, is not geared specifically for runners and sports the pricier entry tag of US$349.

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Image Credit:inWatch