One in every two spam messages sent from Asia, with India topping the list

Everyday we are receiving email spams which end up being filtered by our email providers. While some of us continue to enjoy spam free inboxes (Gmail is doing an excellent job in filtering spams), there are others who wakes up everyday to an inbox full of spams as email spams now accounts for 66.8% of global email traffic. Here is what  you need to know about email spams:

One in every two spam messages sent from Asia, Sophos reveals

IT security and data protection firm Sophos has published the latest ‘Dirty Dozen’ of spam-relaying countries, covering the second quarter of 2012. While North America continued to reduce the proportion of spam it relayed by email, Asia increased its output and is now responsible for relaying 49.7% of all spam captured in SophosLabs’s global network of spam traps. Despite only 5.3% of the world’s internet users reportedly living in India, the country topped the list by a significant margin and was accountable for 11.4% of the world’s spam seen throughout April, May and June.

Top spam relaying continents for April-June 2012 are as follows:


1) Asia 49.7%

2) Europe 26.4%

3) South America 11.2%

4) North America 8.6%

5) Africa 3.6%

Others 0.5%

“The chief driver for Asia’s dominance in the spam charts is the sheer number of compromised computers in the continent,” explained Cluley. “Malicious hackers hijack poorly-protected computers, and command them – without their owners realising – to send out unwanted money-making messages and malicious links. Everyone has a responsibility to ensure that their PC or Mac is properly defended against such attacks. If they take no care over their computers they’re simply adding to the world’s spam problem.”

Email spam rates have been decreasing over the last few years

However, things are certainly changing for the better. According to a Symantec Intelligence Report issued in June 2012, we are seeing global spam levels falling within the last three years. Email spams now accounts for 66.8% of global email traffic as compared to 89.1% when it peaked back in 2010. The same report also reveals that the main source of email spams comes from India, and Hungary was the most spammed geography in June, with a spam rate of 74.3%.

Global spam categories

The most common category of spam in June is related to the Adult/Sex/Dating category. Though declining slightly since May, it comprises a smaller overall percentage for the second month in a row. The casino category has seen the highest spike in terms of percentage increase, from only 0.88% in May to 5.24% in June 2012.