Anipipo, known by many as “the Kickstarter for animation,” has been getting a lot of press love lately. But now, they have even better news to share.

Started by the guys behind Goopa Inc., Hiroaki Taira, Vincent Sethiwan and Permsiri Tiyavutiroj, Anipipo has seen about 15,000 unique visits globally last month. To date, there has been about JPY4.3 million (US$42,505) transacted between funders and project owners. While Hiroaki is based in Tokyo, Japan, Vincent and Permsiri are both working out of Bangkok, Thailand.

Yesterday, the co-founders shared with us at e27 that Anipipo will be partnering up with Thai broadcaster Cartoon Club International to provide even more incentives for animation creators to join the crowdfunding site. This partnership will entail the broadcasting of successful projects on the main network, which will be aired in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia. Vincent notes, “They own a TV channel, provide content, sell ads and also buy air-time on other channels.”

At the moment, the site has four active projects, all of which belong to the “amateur animation films” category. However, Hiroaki noted that they want to go into different areas of animation, and might open up to figurine creations and events for the community. They are also facing the challenge of the lack of Internet and PayPal penetration in Japan. Currently, they offer PayPal services to all members, but those residing in Japan can choose to pledge via bank transfer.

For any crowdfunding site, authenticity is a huge issue. Anipipo curates projects and makes sure all project owners are genuine by checking their background and meeting up with them (either face-to-face or through Skype).

The Japanese-themed anime market is one which cannot be underestimated. Increasingly, more startups are gearing up to promote this content to Otaku (anime and manga lovers in Japanese) overseas through crowdfunding methods. Hiroaki also shared that they have been seeing traction from the UK, France, Brazil and Thailand, as well as home country Japan.

Image Credit: Anipipo