The 140-word cap anomaly that is Twitter will be catching up with Facebook to become Asia Pacific’s favourite and most-used social media tool.

According to a forecast by eMarketer, the social media tool’s worldwide user base will increase to 24.4 per cent in 2014. The firm estimates that APAC users have eclipsed North American and Western Europe users by a wide margin. APAC users account for 32.8 per cent of Twitter’s base in 2014; and it is estimated to touch 40.1 per cent by 2018. By that year, APAC’s worldwide market share will double that of North America.

India and Indonesia will see the most consistent growth pattern, as both countries saw user growth increase above 50 per cent this year. India will see 18.1 million users, while  Indonesia will see 15.3 million users  by end of 2014, due to both countries’ sizeable internet user population. This effectively places both countries at third and fourth place respectively on the worldwide Twitter user count charts in 2014. Coincidentally, India and Indonesia are the top two countries with the highest-growing Facebook user count.

From a global standpoint, Twitter will have nearly 400 million users by 2018. Check the graphic chart below for more info. Alas, there’s no sight of Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore.


Note: The forecast was created by amassing and dissecting Twitter user count by region and country based on analysis from 400 data points that are from 90 or more sources. eMarketer’s data and figures are different when compared to Twitter’s official figure of 255 million monthly active users in 2013 due to the firm’s reliance on consumer survey data to filter multiple and business accounts for individual users.