Remember Black Friday in the US which celebrates Thanksgiving Day and the beginning of Christmas with an abundance of sales and shopping sprees? Well, Apple wants to replicate the same in Asia with its very own Red Friday this January 10.

Available in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, Red Friday will take place about three weeks before the upcoming Lunar New Year on January 31. While Apple has not specified the type of deals taking place this Friday, it can be inferred from previous Black Friday events that there will be lucrative price discounts on mobile devices.

UPDATE: According to, Apple fans in Singapore can look forward to the following price cuts:

  • S$70 (US$55.09) discount off iPhones
  • S$50 (US$39.35) discount off iPad Air
  • S$40 (US$31.48)discount off Retina iPad mini
  • S$30 (US$23.61) discount off non-Retina iPad mini
  • S$40.01 (US$31.49)  discount off iPad 2
  • S$120 (US$94.45) discount on MacBook Air, MacBook Pros and iMac
  • S$40 (US$31.48) 5th generation iPod touch
  • S$14 (US$11.01) discount on the iPod nano

Although Black Friday was to reference the point retailers start to get accounts in the black or having a positive net income, Apple’s Red Friday might not be something to indicate it’s in the red. After all, in the Chinese culture, the colour red signifies prosperity and good luck.

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Does this move to bring discounts to its fans in Asia indicate Apple being threatened by Android? Within South East Asia, as of December 2013, Android has claimed 72 per cent of total smartphone market share in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia. In China, Android crushes rest of the players with 90 per cent smartphone market share.

While this might be true, a recent Forbes article said that Apple is “comfortable with the market share data”. Why? Not only does Apple sell more apps, its users are more engaged and generate advertising revenue.