An icon of Silicon Valley, a forefather of modern computing and the Co-founder of Apple Inc., Steve Wozniak, is scheduled to speak in Singapore next week at Paypal’s FinTech Xchange 2016 half-day seminar.

Wozniak is scheduled for a fireside chat at 4:30 pm, August 17.

Unfortunately, fans of Apple will have to read about the event afterwards because it is already too late to nab some last minute tickets — the event is sold out.

Wozniak is largely credited with inventing the Apple I computer and, more importantly, developing the Apple II. The second iteration of the Apple personal computer secured the company as a major player in the industry.

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Nicknamed ‘The Woz’, he left Apple in 1985 and has been an active inventor/engineer in Silicon Valley — including founding CL 9, the company behind the first programmable universal remote control.

Wozniak is currently the Chief Scientist at Primary Data, a Big Data company that pitches itself as being dynamic, flexible and fast in a rapidly changing business environment.

The theme of the Paypal event is ‘Transforming Financial Services Through Innovation’ and will focus on fintech, e-commerce, payments and information security.

The event is held in conjunction with the launch of the Paypal Innovation Lab, an initiative designed to help companies in the innovation and R&D verticals collaborate with the larger community (such as the government, institutions of higher learning and industry influencers).

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Vivian Balakrishnan, Singapore’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister-In-Charge of the Smart Nation Initiative, will make the keynote address.

Other notable speakers include Rob Findlay, the Founder of NextMoney, Shankar Narayanan, the Co-founder of Active Intelligence and Igor Pesin, a Partner at the VC firm Life.SCREDA.

Wozniak will also be speaking at the FUZEnation event in Ontario, Canada on September 28.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash.