When founder and CEO Jean Pierre Dumas — or JP as most know him — realized that the advent of apps and mobile technology is going to hit the hospitality industry big, he came up with a concept: free customizable applications for hotels to improve marketing. Based on his experiences providing hotels with IT and smart solutions, he pitched the idea when yachting with a few others in Pattaya, and well, they loved it and went ahead with the concept. 

Appy Hotel is based in two mega cities, both tourist favorites and meccas of shopping and good food: Bangkok and Hong Kong. The app has over 500 hotels, with big names in the hospitality industry, like Marriott, Sheraton, and Renaissance, with slightly over 20 percent being paying clients.

The app allows hoteliers to provide an offline guide to users with iOS devices, thereby allowing for better feedback gathering and customer relations. Appy Hotel offers different pricing models as a way to provide flexibility: free, US$39 per month, US$99 per month and US$199 per month.

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Appy Hotel

Mike Darnell, vice president of strategy at Appy Hotel, shared with e27 in an email interview that tech savvy hoteliers, or those who have had experience trying to work on an app internally, love them and will even provide suggestions with regard to new features and marketing.

He also added that the biggest challenge at the moment is to prioritize development, and figuring out what to do so as to generate the most value for their clients in the shortest time possible. Currently, Appy Hotel has a few development ideas in the pipeline, like getting the app on Android devices, and enabling booking of hotel amenities and services directly from the application.

Image Credit: Appy Hotel