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Malaysia Boleh (read: ‘Malaysia Can!’) do tech too!

And so, I realized while compiling this list of tech communities in Malaysia.

If you are a developer, entrepreneur, designer, or just someone who is interested in the tech scene, and if you happen to be in Malaysia, be sure to check out the tech communities in this post. Most of the communities organise event meetups (mostly free!) for members to stay connected and attend informative sessions together. Who knows you might meet a like-minded friend and a project idea might just spark off?

Note: This list is non-exhaustive. If you know of any cool tech communities in Malaysia, do let us know in the comments below!

BlackBerry Malaysian Coder– This is the official BlackBerry developer group in Malaysia catered for the interest of BlackBerry application development enthusiasts.

CodeAndroid Malaysia – Google Android Developer Group– This is the CodeAndroid group for Malaysia. CodeAndroid is part of the Android Developer and User Group created to help Android users as well as developers to learn about the Android platform.

WebCamp KL – This is the Kuala Lumpur chapter of WebCamp that organises a series of free events in the spirit of BarCamp, with specific focus on topics related to “working” on the web.

Events will have a theme that is (almost) always web-related. This may be semi-structured or not (e.g. some talks, some panel discussions, movie nights or whatwweever that sounds like a groovy idea to try). Join WebCamp KL’s Facebook group to stay updated to their latest events. If you happen to be at Kota Kinabalu, checkout WebCamp KK.

Ruby on Rails- Malaysia (English) – This group act as a centre for Malaysian Rails programmer to meet up.

Ruby on Rails- Malaysia (BM) – Like Ruby on Rails- Malaysia (English), this is the Bahasa Melayu version.

Hackerspace Kuala Lumpur– A  community-oriented physical place where hackers hangout, work on projects, conduct lectures, workshops etc. The space also provides facilities such as audio and visual equipments, servers and network equipments, game consoles and many more. Membership is open  to all. In order to sustain the space, members need to pay monthly fees. Costs will also be covered via sponsors and fund raising activities.

Google Developer Group (GDG) Kuala LumpurAn independent developer & user group that meets every once a month to discuss and share experiences developing applications using Android, Google Maps, Google App Engine, Chrome/HTML5 and other Google developer technologies.

The group, based in Kuala Lumpur, organizes hackathons, talks & workshops to introduce new developers (and noobs!) into the realm of Google developer platform.
Join’s Facebook group to stay updated.

Malaysia Python User Group–  The Malaysia’s edition of Python User Group to promote Python programming in Malaysia in all possible ways in areas of programming and cross platform development. Join Malaysia Python User Group to stay updated.

Mind (Malaysian independent developers)– A community of independent developers that aim to bridge people and  knowledge from the academic and working industry.

Java User Group Malaysia– A unity of students, developers and experts speaking in the Java programming language. The group serves to enable a community-driven platform to promote and discuss the use of Java and  relative technologies or languages, such as Android, Groovy, Scala, etc. Join Java User Group’s Facebook group to stay updated.

Kuala-Lumpur MongoDB User-Group– The Kuala Lumpur chapter of people interested in the MongoDB.

MYCocoaHeads– Founded since 2006, MYCocoaheads is a community for of Mac and iOS users, designers, developers, marketers, and startup entrepreneurs to meetup. The group meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Each session is packed with talks, and networking sessions aimed at end users, designers, developers, marketers, and startup entrepreneurs working on Mac or iOS (iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad) devices. Membership is open and free to anyone interested in or using the Mac and iOS devices.

GTUG Kuala LumpurGoogle Technology User Group (GTUG) Kuala Lumpur is an independent user group with an interest in Google technology. The group organizes meetups, developer hackathons & other developer-related events for like-minded Google technology users to attend and share their knowledge with each other.

NodeHack– This is a group for NodeHack participants to share knowledge on NodeJS and information on NodeHack events.

Free and Open Source Software Society Malaysia– A non-profit organisation to better serve the Malaysian FOSS community. Currently not open for official membership registration, however, the online web community is open for all to join and contribute content.

If you are amazed by the tech startup communities in Malaysia, you should have a look at the vibrant tech scene in Singapore, located just a stone’s throw away.

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Ai-Ching, co-founder of Piktochart, for providing us with the information.