Kickstarter does have its share of crowd-funded artistic works like books, movies and musical projects. But it’s not always that easy to break into this market. And how about projects that transcend the digital realm, like concert tours, recording sessions and physical copies of artwork? Philippine-based startup Artiste Connect addresses these concerns, by enabling artists and groups to source funding for their projects from their fans.

In essence, Artiste Connect does just what its name says — it connects artists with their fans, to possibly give both sides a richer experience. Fans can feel more invested into their favorite artists, filmmakers, musicians and other groups. Meanwhile, the artists benefit by having a platform for reaching out to their funds for collaboration.

Artiste Connect is a secure funding platform for local artists to support them on their struggle to finance the production of their projects. We support anybody with an artistic, cause-driven or entrepreneurial idea.

Co-founder and CTO Jason Torres shares that the platform supports different artistic endeavors, such as book writing, filmmaking, album production, benefit causes, or even a fan group raising funds for their favorite artists.

Artiste connect funded

At present, Artiste Connect features popular and up-and-coming artists, mostly in the Philippines. The site includes both artist-run projects, as well as community initiatives. Artiste Connect has funded PhP 892,600 (US$22,315) so far. The site supports both flexible and fixed funding models. Flexible funding lets artist raise any amount, without minimum. Fixed funding projects will only get funded (and will only charge supporters) once the target is met.

Artiste Connect was featured on the Philippine edition of Entrepreneur magazine as their innovators of the month for March.  The team aims to bridge the gap between artist and fan, and between artist and the businessman. If you have a creative project you want to raise funds for, or if you consider yourself a patron of the arts, Artiste Connect is just the resource for you.