Malaysia’s New Entrepreneurs Foundation (myNEF) has announced the 89 startup finalists, which will be competing at the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards finale in Kuala Lumpur on 13 December 2017.

The shortlisted regional startups will have a chance to represent Southeast Asia at the upcoming Global Startup Awards next year.

Organised by myNEF, the Rice Bowl Startup Awards recognises outstanding startups that provide home-grown and sustainable solutions for local issues with world-class innovations, as well as having the potential to be scalable regionally. The award ceremony is held in conjunction with the Global Entrepreneurship Community (GEC) Summit on December 12 and 13, 2017.

The Rice Bowl is a culmination of events announcing Rice Bowl national circuit winners held throughout the 10 ASEAN countries in October and November 2017.

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Crowd favourites such as Touristly, Agrome IQ and SokhaKrom will be competing with other national finalists at the regional Rice Bowl finale in Kuala Lumpur. Eventual winners from the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2017 will represent Southeast Asia at the Global Startup Awards to be held in Tianjin, China in 2018.

As part of the winners’ benefit, myNef is organising a two-day Investor Matching session on December 12 and 13 for finalists to be given the opportunity to meet and pitch to investors. The investor matching session is managed by Rice Bowl’s strategic partner, Cradle.

“Winners will also get to participate in cross-regional exchange programmes in Southeast Asia and attend other Global Startup Awards celebrations,” said Lilyana Latif, CEO of myNEF and Chairman of the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards.

This year, over 2,000 entries were received from all 10 ASEAN countries, of which 89 category winners have been shortlisted to compete at the regional awards.

The finalists are evaluated on three broad areas — actual and potential growth, scalability and impact. The panel of judges consists of industry leaders and experts, including CEO of MaGIC, Ashran Ghazi; Group CEO of Cradle, Nazrin Hassan; Vice President of National Institute of Posts, Telecommunications & ICT Cambodia, Rapid Sun; and Head of Entrepreneurship Village Brunei, Adna Shatriremie Abd Rahman.

Established in 2012, myNEF is a non-profit organisation that nurtures sustainable entrepreneurs through developmental and coaching programs. It plays an instrumental role in bridging industry players with the Government and related agencies, both locally and in the Southeast Asian region. Its signature programs include BAHTERA 2015 and 2017, SUPERBXCEL, COMICXCEL, Online Business Financing (OBF) and ASEAN Rice Bowl

Below is the list of the 89 finalists:


Best newcomer — Headhunter Sport
Best social impact– Al-Huffaz Management
Best e-commerce/supply chain — Buycour Brunei
Founder of the year — Vanessa Teo (Agrome IQ)
Startup of the year — Agrome IQ International


Best newcomer– DoyDoy
Best social impact — DoyDoy
Best smart city solution — Cdev Tec
Best e-commerce/supply chain  — Tesjor
Best healthy lifestyle tech — DirexPlay
Best lifesciences.medtech– SokhaKrom
Best fintech — PayGo
Best deeptech/AI/ Big Data — MotionsCloud
Best co-working space– Emerald hub
Founder of the year — Sok Sopheak Mongkol — SokhaKrom
Startup of the year– SokhaKrom


Startup of the year – Eragano
Best social impact — Mall Sampah
Best smart city solution — Sticar
Best e-commerce/supply chain — Klikhoreka
Best healthy lifestyle tech – DOOgether
Best fintech – Cicil
Best co-working space — Hubud
Founder of the year — Adi Saifullah Putra (Mall Sampah)
Startup of the year – Cicil


Best newcomer — Book Delivery
Best co-working space — Toh-Lao
Founder of the year — Souliyo Vongdala (Bizgital)
Startup of the year — Bizgital


Best newcomer  — BuildEasy
Best social impact — MyCash Online
Best smart city solution — ZYQ Engineering
Best e-commerce/supply chain — Easy Parcel
Best healthy lifestyle tech — Koyara
Best life sciences/medtech — UMCH Technology
Best fintech — Jirnexu
Best deeptech/AI/Big Data — Glueck Technologies
Best accelerator programme — Global Accelerator Program, MaGIC
Best co-working space — WORQ
Founder of the year — Aaron Sarma (Touristly)
Startup of the year — Zoom


Best newcomer — Chate Sat
Best smart city solution — Grab
Best e-commerce/supply chain — GoOutz
Best healthy lifestyle tech  — Flexible Pass
Best deeptech/AI/Big Data — MOA (Myanmar Online Advertising
Best co-working space– Phamdeeyar
Founder of the year — Hein Thet Khin Zaw (MyOpenAds)
Startup of the year — Flexible Pass


Best newcomer — Honesty Worldwide
Best social impact – Empleo
Best smart city solution — SkyEyeAnalytics
Best e-commerce/supply chain — Flyspaces
Best life sciences/medtech– Lifetrack Medical System
Best fintech — Qwikwire Billing Systems
Best accelerator programme – QBO
Best co-working space — ASPACE Philippines
Founder of the year — Patrick Gentry — Sprout Solution
Startup of the year – Ayannah


Best newcomer — Beam
Best social impact — Jules Ventures
Best smart city solution — Grab
Best e-commerce/supply chain — Eatigo
Best healthy lifestyle tech – Stash
Best fintech — StashAway
Best deeptech/ AI/ Big data — Scalend Technologies
Founder of the year — Anthony Tan (Grab)
Startup of the year – StashAway


Best newcomer – Airportels
Best smart city solution — QueQ
Best e-commerce/supply chain — Shippop
Best healthy lifestyle tech — HonestBee
Founder of the year — Micheal Cluzel (Eatigo)
Best co-working space — Dream Office
Startup of the year – QueQ


Best newcomer — mIdeas
Best social impact — TEKY Young technology Education
Best e-commerce/supply chain — EyeQ
Best green biotech/foodtech — Lucky Telecoms services
Best life sciences/medtech– CLAS Healthcare
Best fintech — Best Way Corporation (eWAY)
Best deeptech/AI/Big Data — Robot3T
Best accelerator programme — Business Startup Support Centre (BSSC)
Best co-working space — UP Coworking Space
Founder of the year — Khanh Pham Lan (Freelancer Viet)
Startup of the year — Robot3T