Schematics for Jobs' Yacht? Photo:CLKER.COM

Ok don’t get your hopes up, it seems that several tabloids in search of traffic have grossly misinterpreted Mr Starck’s words.

The original quote, as taken by a French wire service was: “For seven years I went to see him once a month in Palo Alto and I’m going there on Monday because even if he’s dead, now I go to see his wife. We used to love talking about interesting things,”. “Indeed, we have a big project together that will be out in eight months.” The level of click mongering by certain sites makes me wonder why they just didn’t speculate that Mr Starck was having an affair with Mr Job’s wife, since he’s gotta go see her now, and that something BIG would be out in 8 (why not stetch it to 9?)months.

A more reasonable explanation is that in 8 months time, the world would get to see the Yacht that Steve Jobs spent his final years working on, as motivation to keep himself going with the vision of being able to retire on it with his wife.

Past rumors about the yacht have speculated that the designer Philippe Starck was chosen because of one of his radical glass concept designs, and that Steve Jobs’ yacht with its signature stainless steel hull was to be married with a combination of Starck’s glass designs and Steve’s glass ideas which went into building the signature Apple Stores.