Startup finalist of INAICTA 2013, AyoPeduli has re-launched its platform early this year. With a fresh look and friendly user interface, along with an increased focus on transparency, AyoPeduli is urging people to work towards social good via crowdfunding.

Donors can give money for a social deed to AyoPeduli, which will be collected and handed over to a charity or be used to bring about a change in lives of people in need.

The platform concentrates on three main causes: healthcare, education and environment. Donors can offer money for causes that touch their hearts; for example, providing healthcare services to needy babies, education equality or saving natural resources.

With transparency in place, the platform reveals details such as funds being targeted, the time frame, amount collected and the beneficiaries.

Besides participating in crowdfunding, members of AyoPeduli are allowed to propose and facilitate social movements or deeds for a better future.

The AyoPeduli app has its heart in the right place, and hopefully it will serve it purpose with this re-launch. It goes without saying that it will only work with the heavy involvement of privileged citizens.

Translated from DailySocial

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