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Kormo General Manager Bickey Russel and Group Product Manager Rishi Dean

The informal sector is a leading provider of job opportunities in Indonesia. According to the country’s central statistics agency (BPS), by August 2018, the number of workers in the informal sector has reached 70.5 million or about 58 per cent higher than the previous year. But the greatest challenge faced by jobseekers in the sector is the lack of access to information and the job provider itself. This is where Kormo jumped in.

Kormo is an informal sector job marketplace which was introduced at Google Area 120, a Google workshop for experimental projects. Kormo is specifically developed to connect jobseekers with informal sector employers. After two years of development, Kormo has been officially launched in Bangladesh six months ago.

“There are many issues faced by developing nations, one of them being difficulty among youths in finding jobs. At the other hand, employers are also struggling to find suitable candidates. We aim to solve this problem with Kormo,” said Kormo General Manager Bicket Russel on Wednesday, March 13.

He added that the app utilises machine learning programme from Google to recommend a vacancy that suits applicants’ profile and activities within the app. Kormo also provides digital CV generator based on the data that applicants had filled on their profile page; it can also be connected to their Google account.

What sets Kormo apart from other players is the availability of learning features for jobseekers to develop their skills and knowledge. Kormo provides learning modules in the form of videos and articles, and applicants will earn a badge everytime they manage to complete a module.

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Employers are able to see the badges and get a clearer picture about an applicant’s skills or knowledge. Apart from that, the app also offers transparency for both parties through its notifications.

Applicants will be notified when their application has been read, when they are being called for interview, and at the final stage of the recruitment. Employers will also be notified when their vacancy has been read and responded by applicants.

“Kormo provides job recommendations based on interests, preference, skills, and direct requests by employers. Companies will be able to secure and process the right candidate more quickly.”

Plans in Indonesia

Russel confirmed that the company has not started monetising their service yet, so both employers and jobseekers will be able to enjoy their services for free. The company’s focus for the moment is to grow their platform so that it can be known and used by more people.

“We don’t have any plan yet to monetise; the focus at the moment is to provide added value for employers and jobseekers. They can sign up for free.”

The company wants to get more partnerships with businesses of various sizes so that there will be more job vacancies for jobseekers to access.

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Unfortunately, Russell declined to name the number of companies and applicants that they have secured in Indonesia. According to him, the majority of companies in the platform are based in Jakarta, as the platform has only been around in Indonesia for weeks.

He also stressed that the company plans to focus on the Indonesian market before expanding to other developing nations.

“We want to make sure Kormo is able to grow slowly, from Jakarta to the rest of the country. Once it happened, then we will be able to consider expansion.”

Kormo Group Product Manager Rishi Dean added that his team will continue on adding new features and technology, as the platform is currently in early development stage. According to him, the more complete the features, the greater the impact that the platform can make for the informal sector.

At the moment, Kormo has not built its own team to run its business in Indonesia. It receives help from Digitaraya and Google Indonesia team.

Kormo’s presence in Bangladesh has helped more than 250,000 jobseekers find a job. There are more than 400 companies uploading their vacancies on the platform with an 80 per cent retention rate.

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Kormo is available on Android devices and has been downloaded more than 100,000 times. The app is being designed to be smartphone-capacity-friendly with only 5.7MB and a user-friendly UI/UX.

The article “Job Portal” Asal Bangladesh “Kormo” Hadir di Indonesia, Perluas Peluang Kerja di Sektor Informal was written in Bahasa Indonesia by Marsya Nabila for DailySocial. English translation and editing by e27.