Founders and Owners of CV Piksel Indonesia (Photo: Piksel Indonesia)

The creative trio of Nancy, Yun and Lukman have come up with a way to make designing traditional batik cool with their jBatik software.

Hoping to bring an Indonesia heritage to the next level, Nancy Margried, Yun Hariadi and Muhamad Lukman developed the jBatik software for their product Batik Fractal. Batik Fractal is a trademark product under CV Piksel Indonesia, formerly known as Pixel People Project. The jBatik software allows artisans to create a whole new world of batik through its 3D pattern generator using the fractal formula.

The team met six years ago at an exhibition in Bandung, while they were studying there. Sharing the love for technology, the trio met at cafes to discuss the possibility of bringing batik, mathematics and their interest in building software together.

In 2007, with the guidance and advice from a senior lecturer, Achmad Haldani, on combining science with the traditional art, the team successfully developed the software. After much testing and tweaking, the latest jBatik 3.0 is a vast difference from the what the trio originally started out with, Check out the software here.

From the business end, CV Piksel Indonesia currently has a team of eight, with a new addition of Dimas Danurwenda as the CTO and co-owner last year. Most of jBatik’s users are small medium enterprises (SME) across Java and Sumatera. Currently, CV Piksel Indonesia has around 350 companies using their software and targeted to reach 1000 this year. The company aims to expand their user base to individual users, such as students, and big textile manufacturers. “The grand design is that we came up with idea of building an ecosystem where creative students can learn the software jBatik and become design trainers for those companies in the need of designers. With that such way, we believe we can reach out to SMEs through students and empower both parties with jBatik and their training programs,” Nancy Margried, the CEO and Co-Founder, whom, with the software, has received special mentions both locally and internationally from INAICTA, APICTA, UNESCO Award, Indonesia Ministry of Research and Technology, British Council, G20, and Forbes Indonesia.

In order to gain more users, the company is currently developing Android and iOS apps for jBatik. For the Android app, the focus will be on being more fun and social while for the iOS version will target the professional designers’ usage. The desktop app, however, will remain the main platform for designers to access and create designs.