Once upon a time, dragons were hair-raising, blood-curdling reptilian beasts no civilian would go near. The kings and princes of that era allocated land to these seemingly mythical creatures, hoping this would appease the scaly beings. So for centuries, these two kinds lived far away from one another, minding their own business.

Alright, enough of fairy tales. Dragon Siege, a new tower defense game that reverses the roles, is out on the iOS App Store. Created by Malaysian app development studio Alphapod, you play an old dragon named Smug who has seen it all. But those glory days are over. You now spend your hours resting on your bed of gold (not too comfortable, is it?), and waking up occasionally to have a quick meal. Then a horde of wealth starved warriors come barging in without warning, looking to plunder all your riches and kill you.

So, what do you do? In the past, dragons spit fire on attackers. But now, things are different. Spitting fire is not only passé but also very expensive. You look down and see your incredibly sharp claws. That is right! For the weaker ones, one swipe should do it. But be extremely careful because these warriors are incredibly swift. They run faster than hungry cheetahs and jaguars, so you better be on your guard. Kill them fast or they will take your gold with them.

The game is rather child-friendly despite its violent nature. When these warriors are mercilessly slashed, only jewels are left, which make up your winnings. However, you will never win. All you can do is to level up and delay your impending death when your lair is conquered. Just like its healthier counterpart, Fruit Ninja, which also uses the “slash” motion in its game mechanics, Dragon Siege left my stubby right index finger numb and hurting.

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The team has a total of 11 members with a games arm, Takeout Arcade, which aims to release five titles this year. They noted, “We will launch a small update as soon as it is approved by Apple, [and] this will include a social sharing feature. Update two will be a bigger update and will be submitted in the middle of April.”

Alphapod also shared that this will be marketed as an “endless game with the aim of seeing how long you can last.” The game will definitely see more interesting characters in pending updates.

The paid game will only be available on the iTunes App Store at US$0.99. Though many other game publishers are going ahead with the popular freemium model, Alphapod told e27 that they are still experimenting with revenue models. “With this game, the idea is to sell the game and give a lot of free updates. [This] while still having [in app purchases] that are not essential to progressing.”

Image Credit: Alphapod