Rocket Internet‘s biggest investor — Swedish investment firm Kinnevik — has revealed what everyone wants to know. On its website sit a number of presentations from startups under the German incubator. One in particular caught our eye.

Lazada. The e-commerce company is set to launch in Singapore in the next few days. With operations in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand, Lazada as per the presentation has had 79 million visits to its website in Q1 2014, a good 41 per cent surge over Q1 2013.

Here are some key points:
The company has seen a steady growth of active customers, while experiencing a slight increase in new customers. The number of orders delivered has definitely escalated. Mobile traffic has been optimistic, especially after Lazada launched its Android app in June 2013, and iOS app in January 2014.

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Electronics as a category has been hailed the king of e-commerce. In fact, as per an infographic published on e27, electronics ranked as the top most category, with 61 per cent of online shoppers in Malaysia shopping for electronics on a local site. However, lifestyle and health and beauty goods are not far behind.


Consumers are starting to show more interest in browsing and purchasing goods on their smartphone screens. While half of Lazada’s traffic can still be attributed to desktops, mobile consumption has shot up to 27 per cent from five per cent in Q1 2013. Will we see more e-commerce business go mobile?


A big chunk of Lazada’s customers come from rural areas. In fact, 55 per cent of its entire customer base is in rural areas, while about 45 per cent is from urbanised locations.


To see all the slides, check out Lazada’s presentation here.