They don’t want to be the next Clash of Clans, even though the company’s Co-founder and CEO, Juha Paananen is the brother of the Supercell CEO. Launching today to a global audience, Singapore-based Nonstop Games‘ new, free and first title on iOS platform, Heroes of Honor is aiming towards being the ‘World of Warcraft’ on tablets and smartphones.

The iOS-only game was first rolled out to audiences in the city-state in August 2013. “Yeah, you can call it ‘midcore’ or hardcore, but I don’t see it that way. It’s just a label you put on the game. But obviously, it’s a game with a lot of depth and strategy,” said Paananen, whose startup is funded by backers of Spotify and Supercell.


Nonstop Games’ Founders: (L-R) Teemu Ikonen, Juha Paananen, Henric Suuronen, Henrik Karlström

Paananen shared that players usually love the real-time action bit that comes along with the game. “So you can co-ordinate attacks with your alliance and attack at the same time. That really brings a new dimension between players,” he said.

Upon signing up for the game, players can choose between three factions – Imperials, Clans and Shadow – and join alliances of their choice. Alliances are basically groups, where players can chat among one another, strategise and plot against opponents.

Besides being a real-time strategy battle game, players, who enjoy city management modes, can harvest resources, train and recruit troops, and evolve heroes as well. As it is a free game, the startup will generate revenue through in-app purchases, typically speed-ups and resources. Paananen said, “Everything that is available through in-app purchases is available in the game itself.” He further explained that players will be able to able to advance through the game without the need to purchase items; however if they want to move faster or own more items, they can go ahead and buy them.

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At the moment, the game has close to 100,000 downloads, and sees about 100 minutes worth of engagement per user in a typical day. The Co-founder and CEO told e27 that downloads are more of a vanity metric, and it is important to watch for user retention and engagement instead.


As part of its strategy to reach out to other regions, the game supports eight nine languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, and Russian). Paananen believes the game will do well in Europe and the US.

“At the moment, we are a small team, so we want to focus on one platform,” he said, explaining why the game app will not be launched on Android in the meantime.

The game was nominated for Digital Life’s Best Made-in-Singapore Games, along with Pixel People, Conquest Age, Brave Frontier and several other titles.