The 20 startups that will be pitching at South Korea’s first startup conference, beLaunch  on 13 and 14 June 2012 are revealed!

2012 seems like the year for Asian entrepreneurship. We have only just past the halfway mark of 2012 and have already seen more than six tech startup conferences in Asia, especially Singapore! Some better known ones include Demo Asia that happened in March and e27’s very own Echelon 2012 that just ended a couple of days ago.

South Korea has also jumped onto the tech conference bandwagon with beLaunch 2012, dubbed as ‘Korea’s biggest startup event’. Organised by beSuccess, a South Korean media platform about startups and technology, beLaunch 2012 is South Korea’s first attempt at bringing some of the best known names in the Korean technology industry together with some of the Korea’s best startups on 13 and 14 June 2012 in Seoul.

An overwhelming 142 Korean startups have applied for the beLaunch 2012’s startup battle competition with only 20 chosen startups that will demo their venture at beLaunch Startup Battle. The event will see over 1000 attendees that will include investors, media, entrepreneurs and representatives from multinational technology companies from Korea and abroad. beLaunch partners include Samsung, Amazon Web Services, Sky SQL, Qualcomm Q Prize, Google, and Daum Communications among others.

“We are thrilled with the response to beLaunch from startups both in Korea and abroad. beLaunch is a platform to showcase the innovation that we are witnessing in South Korea. Through the event we hope to help startups to take their idesa to the next level” said James Jung, founder, beSuccess.

The 19 startups (one startup from startup booths will be selected as the 20th presenting startup based on voting by attendees) presenting at beLaunch as part of the startup battle are:

Green Monster: A life-log service which can save and import daily experiences in various formats via mobile anytime and anywhere.
Oh My Doctor: A medical information service which can be used to share information about diseases, medical procedures, epilogue and costs.

Weenu: A cultural-art platform that users can use to share information about their work & creations and can merchandise them.

MagazineLOOK: Recommend and share fashion related information among your friends in a magazine format.

Linkyt: A service that constructs files of Word, PPT etc. on web browsers which is not easy otherwise.

KIDSNOTE: A childcare service which substitutes the present paper-based announcements of nurseries with a mobile application.

BeyondApp: A tool that makes mobile game application development easy.

Social Networking Services

Bdrive: A social cloud service which combines a personal cloud feature with social networking features. Users can share files with their friends and can access and utilize their files in distant PCs or mobile devices.

NES: Diary based Social Network Service. Write and share diary along with features like social gaming.

Yeati: A global social platform based of one’s specialty and talent which helps in branding and sharing one’s talent. Users can use this to get recruited and employers can find appropriate people easily.

Ulabla: A social network service that provides recording and sharing of meetings between users. By ultrasonic wave communication, users can certify their meetings easily and can leave a photo related to the meeting.

Phewtick: A regional SNS, matching new people through social games. Users can also avail monetary rewards.


KnowRe: A customized education platform for Maths; provides easy, enjoyable and effective digital education services.

EduCloud: Cloud based e-learning service, allows users to make and share educative and professional contents online interactively.

Esesglobal: A platform that matches English native speakers all around the world with students who want to learn English. Through the mobile or web interface, users can video chat with their matched native speaker and can also get local information.


UNIQON : Web based remote control device; with a smart-phone the user can handle the house’s lighting and boiler. The device can also be used for crime prevention.

V-touch: A new technology solution that enables manipulation of screen, button etc by human eyes and fingers from a long distance.

Mobile Apps

StubbyPlanner: Moblie navigation application which specializes in travel. Exchange tips with other travellers and plan your travel.

BabyWaa: Through mobile devices, users can save their babies’ photos periodically, and can share those photos with family and friends.

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