Big data is the big thing with enterprises today. With massive amounts of data being collected and generated from among consumers, businesses and transactions, enterprise customers are trying to make sense of all this information through analytics, trending and processing. European tech startup BellaDati goes beyond analytics, as it aims to deal with big data in an agile and “beautiful” way.

See data in a different way

Co-founder and CEO Martin Trgiňa told e27 that his team wants to redefine the way businesses interact with data. “Our agile data analytics and reporting tool turns any type of business data into dashboards and reports within its own data warehouse. All you need is a web browser or a mobile device,” Martin says.

The Czech CEO highlights that BellaDati offers the opportunity for both SMEs and large enterprises to analyze big data without having to code or develop their own apps. “We have built in over 100 connectors to data sources such as SQL and non-SQL DB, Excel, CRM systems, social networks and many more. You can easily combine these data in BellaDati to create charts or reports regarding performance of your business and share it securely with your team.”

Developers, however, can also take advantage of BellaDati’s embeddable data visualization and analytics platform. “We want our users to feel creative and enjoy work with our enterprise data analytics solution, which is an opposite if you take a look on traditional BI solutions,” Martin stresses.

Bella Dati Data

Around the world with big data

BellaDati is based in the Czech Republic with regional headquarters in Singapore and the US, and an international office in South Korea. Martin started out by developing software integration for businesses, which include clients like GEMoney, Sun Microsystems and government sectors in Central Europe. “The complexity and slow adoption of enterprise tools by business users sparked the idea to build data analytics and reporting tool that people will love to use,” he says. As such, BellaDati was developed to cater to this market.

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In terms of offerings and business model, BellaDati is actually flexible, and the team will work with both on-premises and cloud-based solutions. “Some customers prefer to sign-up for our cloud plans delivered via Amazon to pay monthly fees. Others prefer to buy licenses and support to have the tool installed at their site. We are offering professional services like SLA and data analytics best practices. Our partners play key role in providing integration and analytical services as well.”

Moreover, BellaDati offers its technology as an integrated solution. For instance, BellaDati is an OEM analytical platform embedded into third-party solutions, such as one offered by Korea Telecom.

To date, BellaDati cites a wide array of industries and companies among its clientele. These include firms in retail, media, marketing and even financial services. “Large clients are using BellaDati as an agile data analytics module together with large BI solutions like SAP, while SMEs adopting BellaDati as a complete BI solution,” says Martin. The team is now offering a new service that introduces analytics applications with predefined KPIs and support structures for specific industries. Dubbed BellaApps, the “powerful templates significantly reduce time to create new report for customers from specific industries.”

The business started with US$3 million in seed funding from both Martin and the company’s CFO, Miloslava Trginova. With its international expansion, the team is “open and welcome to investors, who think further beyond pure money investment.”

BellaDati is part of the Startup Marketplace at Echelon 2013, where the team hopes to meet like-minded individuals and potential partners who share the same ideal that data should be beautiful — hence the name “bella” which means “beautiful” in English.  BellaDati will also be holding BellaDati ONE sessions in Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, and other Asian countries, focused on agile data analysis for business users, and will be announcing new partners within June.