Darius Cheung, cofounder of tenCube, launches BillPin while another cofounder, Varun has been working on Sent.ly. Is the founding team of tenCube the Asian equivalent of the PayPal Mafia?

There are a few things that managed to put Singapore on the world map when it comes to the technology startup scene, and the exit of tenCube by Darius, Varun, Indradeep and Rishi, is one of them. After the exit, we first reported that Darius has been working on his next big thing, BillPin, a mobile app that helps keep track of shared expenses and bills among friends.Varun has been working on Sent.ly while Rishi has been helping his wife on Rotimatic, a product of Zimplistic. Indradeep is still with McAfee according to his LinkedIn profile.

Darius launches BillPin

While it was the Hari Raya holidays over the weekend, it did not stop serial entrepreneur Darius and his dedicated team from working as they finally launched their public version of BillPin on the App Store. Not only does the new mobile app lets you keep track of shared expenses and bills with friends, it also allows you to see how much money you are owed by your friends.  You can also create events to remind yourself on what occasion you or your friends paid for the bills. The app also lets you notify your friends over email about the shared expenses. You can download the app from the App Store and give it a try. For non-iPhone users, BillPin promises a full website and Android app coming soon, you can sign up here to be kept posted.

tencube mafia

The tenCube founding team in action

Whether or not BillPin will be the next big thing, you can bet on it. The West has the PayPal Mafia. In Singapore, we certainly have the tenCube founding team. Sarah Lacy, author of Once You’re Lucky, Twice You’re Good studied the PayPal Mafia extensively and while she conceded the experience at Paypal played a role, she argued that the main factor behind the success of the Paypal Mafia was simply that their success at Paypal had given them the confidence to try again.

Similar to the PayPal Mafia, the cofounders of tenCube are well equipped with the experience of a successful product life cycle, from ideation, iteration, to execution and exits. The PayPal Mafia managed to spawn off companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, Yammer, Yelp, YouTube, Square and a whole list of other companies. Now, we are seeing similar patterns from the cofounders of tenCube where they are actively spurring the local startup ecosystem by contributing their experiences through new company formations such as BillPin and Sent.ly.

Excited? We sure are.