The BlogBeats team

The BlogBeats team

BlogBeats, a geo time-tagged blogging platform that allows users to exchange information about places and interests they encounter in their daily lives and travels, has secured an undisclosed sum in pre-Series A funding from US based investor, the company said in a statement.

“At a time when startup funding is slightly on a dip, we are proud to successfully complete this pre-Series A round, which is also strong endorsement of the potential of BlogBeats to transform how content will be consumed in the future,” said Priyank Jain, Founder of BlogBeats.

The startup was founded in late 2014 by Priyank and Lokesh Jain, both hold Masters in Technology Management from Indiana-US.

The duo looks to re-imagine blogging as a culture by introducing a geo-time-tagged feature that will facilitate writing across generations, time periods, languages, locations, neighbourhoods and communities.

BlogBeats aims to be a comprehensive content creation and discovery platform that will encourage the creation of blogs and other forms of content across 200-plus categories— all tagged with a geo-location and time-period to enable enhanced search and discovery and better interactivity.

As for businesses, it helps them with location targeting, thereby, reaching the right audience.

The platform currently supports only English language and will soon expand to multiple Indian languages to facilitate language-agnostic content. It also plans to launch a B2B solution to help organisations manage their digital content.

“We’re excited to launch a completely new way of blogging and create content for publishers and newbies alike that will disrupt the existing digital content paradigm,” says Lokesh Jain, Co-founder, BlogBeats.

Here’s how BlogBeats works:

Users can create Beats as per their current location by keying in text, comments and even multi-media content (including images and – shortly – audio and video files).

This information could be about restaurants, travel, beaches, the weather, sports, recommendations, etc, in any particular place in the world.

The blog entries on BlogBeats will appear based on specific geo-locations and contextual time-periods.