Indonesia BukuTablet Co-Founders (Photo: BukuTablet)

Aiming to rebuild the e-book infrastructure, BukuTablet provides an end-to-end solution for  authors, publishers and users of eReader apps to access the online marketplace of digital libraries of corporations and universities, digital publishing platforms, social cataloging and general reading features.

Founded by Ardinanysah, Irfan Adam and Fradika Indrawan, BukuTablet had its soft launch in April after its 13 month development process. The founders were former students at Jogjakarta’s Universitas Ahmad Dahlan.

Positioning themselves as ‘Indonesia’s Digital Book Store’, the team of five people started offering this integrated platform to bring win-win solutions for authors, users and publishers.

Unlike mainstream publishing companies, content creators need to complete their drafts prior to submission. BukuTablet’s focus is in soft copy where they can save 50 to 80 percent printing and publishing costs.

There is a bidding process they have to follow through and once it ends the author will know who the publisher is. Upon completion, the draft will be entitled for editing and proceed on with its layout process. On average ,it takes around 30 days to publish a book. Meanwhile, amount of royalty and installments are written in the agreement between the writer and publisher.

Having plenty of partners to work with has boosted their confidence and guaranteed that all submitted drafts will be published upon receiving administrative approval.

Sample chapters are provided to readers that would like know more about the book. If they decided to buy it, they will enjoy affordable prices of about half price to the costs of the printed version. At the moment, all e-book are available for only Desktop, Laptop, iOS and Android platform in EPUB format.

Beside books, there are journals, proceeding, thesis, dissertation, tabloid, magazine, and newspapers available on the virtual bookshelf.

BukuTablet currently  works with 350 authors, 300 books, 460 users and 80 publishers in their online marketplace. Co-founder and CEO Ardiansyah is hopeful to “see at least 3000 books to display, 1000 users, 500 authors and 100 publishers” by this year.

”The more people use tablet devices, the more chances for us to grow. On the other hand, the reading culture and behavior in Indonesia is gradually weakening. Therefore, it will take extra effort and time to change both aspects. As such, we need to work very hard to educate Indonesian readers, publishers and authors in particular. Finally, we know that e-book industry in Indonesia is still in its early stages. There is no success story until now, so we are just trying our best and to learn from the failures”.

BukuTablet is presently working on a special program named ‘Academic Program’ targeted at college students and lecturers across Indonesia.