One of Singapore’s hottest tech startup, Burpple, launches new updates and ventures into China.

Singapore based food sharing app, Burpple, has just launched its fully localized edition of its social food journal app in Simplified Chinese, and features an integration with popular Chinese social network Sina Weibo. The new chinese app pronounced “Bao Bei Shi Ji”, is a witty play of Chinese words which mean ‘precious and sumptuous food journal’.

The launch to China is motivated by the promising adoption of users based in China, making it one of Burpple’s most popular countries. With the localized Burpple app, Chinese users can now use Burpple effortlessly. The team has also introduced new editing functionalities such as renaming your Box titles, something which the Burpple team calls the photo albums.

Other than that, existing Burpple users also gets a whole new list of feature updates, which includes a whole new “Like” button, something which was previously lacking. Before this, the only way users could ‘like’ someone else’s photo was by collecting (reburpping) the photo into their own albums (Burpple boxes). Other updates include Chinese language support, Sina Weibo sharing,  visual improvements, as well as speed optimization.

So what’s in store for Burpple? According to Elisha Ong, the cofounder of Burpple, he shared in his email that “since our launch 2 months ago, we’ve seen students, sportsmen, chefs, bloggers, singers, deejays and even mums using Burpple to collect and remember their fantastic food moments. People finally now have a liberated place to share and express their love for food! What makes Burpple really magical is the type of value it can bring to people next. We’re excited to push the boundaries of curated search and discovery. Imagine that you can easily explore what’s worthy and good to eat around you, curated by someone you trust. Well, if Evernote is about being the second brain, Burpple is about being the social food brain.”

Venturing into China requires a lot of resources and the right connections, and Burpple is certainly taking a huge risk going into the notoriously competitive market with a lot of copycats. Of course, high risks reap high returns. The 1.3billion population market is definitely a very attractive market for Burpple to venture in, and we will definitely keep an eye on this hot pink Singapore startup.