Remember Burufly, the Indonesian social travel site we covered in January? Founded last April and launched in November, it certainly garnered quite a fair bit of awareness. Just a few days back, it announced the closure of an investment round with two Venture Capital firms, Walden International and Batavia Incubator.

The social travel site will be leveraging on the investors’ extensive local and regional networks. Peter Goldsworthy, president director of Burufly shared, “Everybody realizes that the opportunity in South East Asian travel is massive and that there is more to travel than just booking hotels via a search engine.”

According to Peter, Burufly’s goal is to ultimately create and develop a social travel platform that reaches more than 10 million engaged users. An early investor of Burufly, Ardent Capital, also sees the value of this funding round. Ardent Capital CEO Adrian Vanzyl said that there is great potential in this market.“Given the population size and growth rates in Southeast Asia, we are pleased to see such strong domestic and international funding support for companies such as Burufly. Ardent will continue its focus on investing into, building and supporting local businesses so that they are ready for global investment.”


With under 150,000 monthly active users, Burufly has its eyes set on improving content and social features instead of increasing bookings. The undisclosed funding amount will also see Burufly reaching out to the region, with Thailand being next on their list. Currently, destinations are limited to only within Indonesia.

Peter also shared his thoughts on the online travel space in Asia with e27, saying that there is “[t]oo much commerce, too little content. Content will drive commerce in the long run, since there are so many destinations that are still relatively unknown in Southeast Asia. Making that content scalable and engaging so that it is worth visiting coming back to every day is the holy grail.”

Suryanto Wijaya, director at Batavia Incubator shared that the social aspect is what is attractive. “What attracts us to Burufly is its highly social aspect — users voluntarily share their traveling experiences. As a regional player, Burufly helps local and foreign tourists to discover travel destinations, which is especially useful in Indonesia where information is often a rare commodity. Eventually, this will create a very valuable data mapping based on travelers’ interests to assist the government developing these potential destinations.”

Image Credit: Burufly