Busification, a business management SaaS application that specializes in Project Management, Gamification & Business Analytics software, is launching its public beta at Echelon 2012.

Enabling businesses to manage work activity more efficiently, incentivise staff and analyse performance to improve profitability, managers are able to use Busification is to set up and delegate tasks, milestones and projects to their teams and subsequently monitor and manage their performance. Team members can plan their work activity, collaborate effectively with colleagues and keep up to date with projects and tasks they are involved in.

Gamification, described as ‘the use of game design and game mechanics in non-game areas to increase engagement and incentivise desired behaviors’ is one of the hottest trending topics in 2012. Busification’s platform enables managers to motivate their team using game element such as competitions and leaderboards to offering rewards like points, prizes and dollars as team members complete their every-day tasks, work on larger projects and when they achieve targets and goals.

Photo: Busification team

One may ask, is there a need to gamify project management? Well, Fergie Miller, founder of Busification seems to think so. “One the main challenge with Project Management is actually getting your teams to correctly use the systems that businesses set up. We hear this more and more the more businesses we reach out to. Part of this is old technology that is clunky and intensive to use. But a lot of it is about their being a huge disconnect between teams correctly documenting their work each day and current incentives being offered by businesses such as an end of year bonus. Busification changes that. We enable managers to offer micro-incentives through gaming to encourage their team to collaborate in a way that is optimal for the business. Incentives can be points, virtual goods, prizes or simply dollars for posting what work they are working on, for completing work and achieving specific goals.”

While Busification’s Gamification features will be fully launched with its Gold release in September, the beta launch contains predominantly Project Management features. “We decided that Busification should be able to hold its own as a Project Management application before we launched our Gamification features,” explains founder Fergie Miller. “For public beta we are launching our Project, Milestone and a simplified Task module. We have tried to keep the user experience very simple to start with and will have further updates coming through in the proceeding weeks and months that include Resources, Players and Statistics modules. We have scheduled our Gold release for the start of September where we will be launching our Gamification features and our flagship Goals module. Our mobile apps will also be out before the end of the year.”

Photo: Founder Fergie Miller

Busification will be exhibiting at Echelon 2012 Startup Marketplace. The team pitched their product at the Taiwan Satellite in April. At Echelon too, Busification is launching its public beta, and is looking to work closely with 20-30 interested companies for its beta testing programme. Busification will be offering first year licensing for free to its beta testers and is looking to get feedbacks. Busification is also actively seeking seed investments.