Cannon-mouthed felines return with mobile game Battle Cats Version 2.0

Battle Cats is out with Version 2.0. This time, it is only available in Japanese but there will be new content in the game.

By Elaine Huang


If you’re a fan of the tower defense game Battle Cats (iOS, Google Play) with a pretty ludicrous storyline, you will be glad to hear that creator Ponos has just released the second version of the game. According to SD Japan, the Kyoto-based game developer has seen over 6.5 million downloads for the first game and its second version will offer a new chapter for players looking for more content.

However, do note that version 2.0 will not be providing the previously available English subtitles. This could be indicative of that fact that the game might not have a big following outside of Japan. That being said, I do not think that changes anything. Is language that big an issue for entertainment-type products like games? Not really.

Its new involvement with Yahoo! Japan, who’s been snapping up acquisitions and collaborations, has also been interesting. SD Japan reports that when mobile users of the web portal search for “Nyanko”, mascots from the game will pop up on the screen with a “fun Nyanko theme” and “occasional cat food offers”.

The success of Battle Cats as a mobile game has taken a catnap with other Japanese-themed or styled games gaining traction. What used to be the top iOS app on the Japanese iOS store quickly gained four million downloads within four months. However, will the new content pack and update help it retain users? Leave us a comment below to let us know what you like about version 2.0.

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