Created by a team of innovators from the UK and Netherlands, Chordify lets users upload music files or paste Youtube and SoundCloud URLs first. Subsequently, the website shows what chords to play. Unlike other popular guitar tabs and chords websites such as Ultimate Guitar, Chordify is not merely a listing of the guitar chords.

It has the ability to playback the song while highlighting the relevant chords on the screen. The highlights move along with the song progression, and hence it is easier to groove to beat without having to stop and hop from the ultimate guitar tab to the Youtube tab repeatedly. Learning the guitar chords gets more hands free this way.

According to Dion Ten Heggeler, Co-Founder, Chordify, the system uses an “automatic chord transcription algorithm which is an active research area within the Music Information Retrieval and Signal Processing communities.”

So despite the ongoing research to improve this transcription algorithm, how accurate is Chordify?  Heggeler claims that the technology can offer up to 70%-95% of accuracy when it comes to chords. But it really depends on the type of music at the end of the day.

I gave it a test with simpler, easy to strum type of songs such as Jessie J’s Price Tag and it did turn out to be quite accurate.

Jessie J Chords

However, when I tried it on more complex, riff-laden songs, it did not seem to work as well because the technology would register the singer’s tunes as chords too. This combines the different complex layers onto the song into one layer. Nonetheless, this is definitely a good starting base for all those looking to start learning the guitar. Seasoned guitar players can also use this to identify the base chords even if the results are not too accurate.

Without doubt, this new innovation definitely makes it convenient for both guitar connoisseurs and beginners. With less than a year since its launch, the website is already seeing 16,000 visitors per day, and an average of 25% of them are returning visitors too. Yes, the technology is not perfect but we should discount the fact that I had used Arch Enemy as the second example to test its accuracy. Who plays metal on the acoustic guitar anyway?