If lately you’ve noticed a lot of people on your social networks posting cartoon versions of their faces, then you’re witnessing the iMadeFace craze.

This free iOS app from Keyloft has already reached the number one spot for free apps in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, US, UK, Canada and other countries. In fact, you can see more and more examples of these cartoon faces on Twitter by searching for the hashtag #iMadeFace.

What’s great about iMadeFace is that it’s quite simple to use. Just by swiping, you can create a customized cartoon face in minutes. Touch and slide to select different parts of the face. Slide left or right to choose different shapes or styles of that selected part (for instance, different shapes of the face, or different hairstyles), and slide up or down to change the colors.

iMadeFace Store

Of course, even with an easy-to-use app like this, I’m hopelessly all thumbs when it comes to anything involving artwork, so I just asked my 11-year-old daughter Sam to create the cartoon face you can see on the top left.

Keyloft Chief Brand Officer Athena Wang told e27 that the team is “super excited” by how popular the app has become.

“Now we are open to all of our fans for expectations and suggestions,” she said. “There are hundreds of emails received each day about what they are expecting. The new features and packs will soon be ready.”

Developed by a seven-person team, iMadeFace took roughly six months to create for the artwork part, and another two months for the programming, according to Athena. The app was launched on December 14.

“We are trying to combine pop art and traditional Chinese printmaking, and create the new Asian pop art. The lines and shapes of traditional Chinese printmaking can create varied details of features of different people, which can create better motions,” she said.

She noted that this approach is what differentiates iMadeFace from other cartoon apps.

“Instead of making cartoon faces, iMadeface is more like creating artwork,” she said.

The packs that Athena mentioned refer to in-game purchases that allow you to get more options to play around with when you create your cartoon face, as you can see in the screenshot.

Of course, if you get tired of customizing faces one part at a time, you can always shake your iDevice to create random faces, such as these ones.

iMadeFace screenshots from iPhone

Want to be part of the latest cartoon face craze? Download iMadeFace today!

iMadeFace is free to download on iTunes

Image Credits: Screenshots taken using author’s iPhone 5