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Latest Articles

Pro pitch deck tips for beginners

How many slides should I use? What is opportunity verse pain point? Should I minimise text? We answer these questions and more 

How to find a niche and break the fragmentation in Southeast Asia

A niche will usually provide more than a slice of pie, the first step is learning how to define the market 

3 ways startups should assess different financing options

Raising funds is just one step. Startups need to think about it affects cashflow and what is the end they are trying to achieve 

How to deal with the challenges of a distributed team

Tips that will help you avoid the main challenges of a distributed team and move on to startup success 

Sealing the deal: How to get the upper hand at the negotiation table

With strong negotiation skills, you may be able to win over a hard-to-get prospect or ensure better pricing on a specific business project 

How founders in Asia can be students of the world

Learning more about our neighboring countries in Asia Pacific does not need to be cumbersome, tedious, or expensive 

As a founder, you need to spend time with your most difficult users

The painful truth is that, as founder, the toughest segment of your user base to spend time with is those you will learn the most from 

So far yet so close: How to successfully manage a dispersed team

Running a dispersed team comes with its own unique challenges. Here is how you can overcome the hurdles 

3 essential crisis communication strategies every entrepreneur should know

Handled the right way, you can come out relatively unscathed, but done poorly, a crisis could haunt your business for years