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In Tweets, Singapore makes cybersecurity push

Whether it is a call for 2,6000 professionals in next decade, or an MOU with Australia, Singapore is making a strong push in cybersecurity 

Aussie growth marketing platform founders share on running a lean remote team and handling customer service personally

With two full-time co-founders and a team of 12 part-time engineers, Gleam's company culture is as simple as it gets, with focus on product and getting things done 

The SpaceX of Singapore raises US$3.7M from 500 Startups with end goal of sending humans to space

Gilmour Space's rockets enables companies to deploy small satellites at a low cost 

Australian adtech startup Unlockd closes US$23M Series B led by Axiata Digital, set eyes on Asia

Unlockd recently appointed former Twitter APAC head Aliza Knox as COO to fuel their Asian expansion plan 

How IPO rejection and founders walking away led to the downfall of Guvera

As a form of accountability to its investor, Guvera pivoted into DragonFli and focussed itself in the Indonesian, Indian, and Chinese market 

Marketplaces are either business partners or predators, thus you need to establish your place in the sharing economy

Collaborative consumption will last because it provides more access to different modes of consumption compared to traditional models. The key for traditional businesses is how to take advantage of marketplaces, so they won't lose out 

You do not need to choose a methodology to innovate

Which method do you choose? Design Thinking? Agile? Lean Startup? Answer: All? None? Who cares?! 

[Updated] iCandy completes acquisition of Inzen Studio, aims to become SEA ecosystem "consolidator"

iCandy first announced the plan to acquire Inzen Studio for around US$4.4 million in September 2016 

Australian mobile ad startup Unlockd gets ex-Twitter APAC head as COO, pushing for global expansion

Unlockd is currently in talks to expand business to India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore