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Founder's journey: TheLorry Co-founder reveals the one thing he would have done differently

By Justin Wong | Dec 21, 2016

While growth and sales are important to a startup's success, don't lose sight of the basics, like accounting, cash flow and budgeting Read More

Ironclad contracts: Averspace launches blockchain p2p house renting in Singapore

By Yon Heong Tung | Dec 21, 2016

Homeowners and potential tenants can now ink a secure deal through an online platform Read More

Wonder women: Meet the 8 startup founders battling at Female Foundry's demo day

By Anisa Menur | Dec 21, 2016

The Female Foundry programme is also looking forward to expand its footprint to the Latin American and African region Read More

BlueBook gets funding to bring you discounts from your favourite stores on the go

By Sainul Abudheen | Dec 21, 2016

The app provides discounts from popular outlets with validity throughout the week and does not require a prior booking to avail the service at the selected outlet Read More

500 Startups-backed edtech startup OnlineTyari acquires video sharing app Plix

By Sainul Abudheen | Dec 21, 2016

Plix allows people to share entire albums with friends with the added feature of auto-suggesting names of people in the pic based on face and object recognition Read More

Vertex Ventures and Baidu join US$22M investment in customer personalisation startup Dynamic Yield

By Yon Heong Tung | Dec 21, 2016

The US-based company's clientele includes Rolling Stone, Under Armour and Sephora Read More

[Updated] Did Go-Jek just close down its Jogjakarta office?

By Anisa Menur | Dec 21, 2016

Nicknamed Go-Jek Tech Valley, the ride-hailing startup's office in the city houses its engineering team Read More

How Alibaba uses big data to combat fake cigarettes and pesticide

By AllChinaTech | Dec 21, 2016

Alibaba’s anti-counterfeit technology efforts have expanded from online to offline Read More

After Mark Zuckerberg, World Bank unit invests in Indian edtech startup Byju’s

By Sainul Abudheen | Dec 20, 2016

In March this year, Byju's raised US$75 million, the largest ever investment round by an Indian edtech company Read More

Korea's leading VC firm KTB Network just invested in NoBroker. We asked them why

By Sainul Abudheen | Dec 20, 2016

NoBroker is solving a huge problem faced by the Indian real estate market and is ahead of its peers like Housing, claims CEO Amit Agarwal Read More

Chinese VC fund Cyber Carrier invests in India’s Zoomcar

By Sainul Abudheen | Dec 20, 2016

Zoomcar is a self-drive car rental company that allows users to rent cars by the hour, day, week or month Read More

Softbank's 'Trump talk' fund makes first investment, expected to generate 3,000 jobs

By Kevin McSpadden | Dec 20, 2016

The US$1 billion investment will go to OneWeb, a company using satellites to bring internet to the world's poor communities Read More

Does PayTM's logo look similar to PayPal? PayPal thinks YES!

By Rahul Dev | Dec 20, 2016

Is this a strategy by PayPal to hamper PayTM's efforts to cash in on demonetisation in India? Read More

iprice raises US$4M Series A led by Asia Venture Group, Venturra Capital

By Anisa Menur | Dec 20, 2016

CEO David Chmelar also claimed that iprice is on the way to reach break even and profitability Read More

Automation and machine learning: How robo-advisors are taking the lead as Singapore's new wealth managers

By | Dec 20, 2016

A growing number of fintech startups can make these investing more accessible, allowing Singaporeans to choose services that best meets their individual needs more easily Read More

Procrastinated on holiday gifts? Singapore Startup Gifts has you covered

By Kevin McSpadden | Dec 20, 2016

Singapore Startup Gifts wants to unify the startup community, and hopefully help companies branch into the general public Read More

Singapore-based fintech investor Senjō Group acquires UK payments company Kalixa

By Yon Heong Tung | Dec 19, 2016

The acquisition amount is €29 million (US$30 million) in cash Read More

In Pics: Venture Factory aims to be India's entrepreneurship gateway for startups

By Sainul Abudheen | Dec 19, 2016

Its efforts are focused on aligning startup functionality in a structured manner in regards to production line – predictability, quality, and speeding up the process of building the company Read More

Here's how these Malaysian twins aim to conquer Asia's gift and printing industry

By Yon Heong Tung | Dec 19, 2016

With four companies under their belt, they have reaped in over US$6.35 million in revenue over three years Read More

Rakuten co-leads US$350M funding round in MENA-based ride-sharing startup

By Yon Heong Tung | Dec 19, 2016

A major Middle Eastern telecom operator, Saudi Telecom Company, was the other co-lead investment partner Read More

Uber explores partnership with Indonesian taxi company Express Group

By Anisa Menur | Dec 19, 2016

In May, Go-Jek had also announced a partnership with Express Group's competitor Blue Bird Group Read More

Starting new, starting fresh: Prison entrepreneurship as an option for better re-integration

By | Dec 19, 2016

Societal re-integration is not a lost cause. Hope can be found through entrepreneurship Read More

WeChat is maturing: how to drive conversions from other social networks

By TechNode | Dec 19, 2016

For foreign companies, they need specific help of how to use Chinese social media to convert users. Here is a guide Read More

Korean investor KTB Network forays into India with an investment in

By Sainul Abudheen | Dec 19, 2016

Seoul-headquartered KTB has invested in numerous startups, resulting in 270-plus IPOs Read More

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