Today's top tech news, June 22: Thailand tops ASEAN IoT exploration, Matrix Partner China raises US$750M

Today's top tech news also has Tesla shutting down facilities in nine states, Singapore launching new tech to prevent prison fights, and Tongcheng-eLong Holdings' IPO plan 

Umitron raises US$8.2M to provide remote fish feeding management system to aquaculture producers

The startup offers a remote feeding management system that utilises IoT technology to provide fish feeding and monitoring via internet 

Noble House marketplace connects MNCs with independent HR consultants in Asia, raises US$734K

Noble House has created a community of 300-plus HR consultants across all skills and expertise on its platform 

Singapore's gaming startup Mighty Bear raises funding; market-testing first title in India, Philippines

According to the startup, existing popular titles such as Hearthstone and Clash of Clans didn’t follow the market trends, whereas Mighty Bear brings people fresh and hyper-engaging experiences 

Today's top tech news, June 20: RedDoorz expands to the Philippines

Also, Quantifeeds's Series B, Sakay.PH, RHTRA, and another digital money heist 

MaGIC names 27 startups in the second cohort of its Global Accelerator Programme

The announcement came in despite recent announcement from Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad about the disbandment of MaGIC 

Under this new partnership, soCash users can now withdraw cash in 7-Eleven outlets

To use the service, users have to select the amount they wish to withdraw on the soCash app then select a nearby 7-Eleven store to collect the cash 

How Carro co-founder Aaron Tan raised US$78M by thinking beyond the classifieds model

Aaron also originally envisioned Carro as an automotive marketplace that would replace dealers, but found out that that was the wrong approach 

Singapore's R&D analytics company PatSnap raises US$38M led by Sequoia, Shunwei

PatSnap provides R&D analytics for analysing tech trends, driving innovation, market planning, competitor intelligence and maximising return on IP assets