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MyCash is an e-marketplace for unbanked migrants in Malaysia; raises US$556K in crowdfunding led by Cradle Fund

MyCash enables migrants to purchase products and services such as phone credits and bus tickets without using bank account, credit cards, or prepaid cards 

Building community is essential to a successful crowdfunded campaign; Here is how we raised US$100K in under 5 days

Successful crowdfunding campaigns will require transparency and trust from your community 

Altifarm is a DIY modular home farm that enables you to grow herbs and vegetables in any corner of your house

Altifarm's modular/flexible design enables them to use it in five minutes, out-of-box -- no tools or expertise required for assembling 

Babydash raises US$133.4K via equity fundraising to boost online baby products in Malaysia

64 investors participated in the equity fundraising campaign on pitchIN 

Akseleran launches as Indonesia's first equity crowdfunding platform, aims to bridge funding gap for SMEs and startups

Despite the market's inclination toward charity crowdfunding, Akseleran remains optimistic of the business' prospect 

Jerusalem’s OurCrowd gets millions from Taiwan’s SCSB to expand platform to Taipei

Asia director Denes Ban says OurCrowd is determined to bring more investors to Israel and Israeli investors to developing ecosystems around the world 

Deeper into China: CoAssets invests US$145K in a Chinese product crowdfunding platform

CoAssets expects to increase its user base in China by 300,000 within six months of its investment in Da Xian Bing 

Hahow, Taiwanese talent crowdfunding platform raises funds to expand

Hahow is crowdfunding education, giving incentives for mentors to share their expertise 

Crowdfunding corner: 9 steps to a successful fundraiser

Here are some tips to help you maximise the potential of your crowdfunding campaign 

This Taiwanese startup's smart sleep mask will help you snooze like a baby

Nuvi enables users to achieve deep sleep by playing specifically composed Zen music