Yes, your ICO needs a strong marketing plan to stand out from the crypto clutter

Despite incredible and revolutionary ideas, though, building a startup is never easy, especially in a technological landscape that not many people understand 

Ganesh Bangah’s venture Commerce.Asia raising US$1.3M via equity crowdfunding

Commerce.Asia provides omni-channel solutions to SMEs, brands and micro-entrepreneurs that enable them to sell online 

The world’s first blockchain toothbrush lets you mine coins by brushing your teeth

32Teeth aims to make your teeth really clean by applying not only blockchain technology, but also facial recognition, sensors, and big data 

This Internet of You smartwatch has an 18-month run time on a full recharge

Muse boasts of chatbots that are capable of scanning food from the restaurant menus and provide dietary insights to the user based on his/her lifestyle 

How Malaysia's equity crowdfunding market performed in 2017

In 2017, ECF deals in the country saw a 37 per cent growth year over year, and the amount raised rose by more than 113 per cent 

Blockchain-platform-as-a-service startup Morpheus Labs receives angel funding, launches ICO to raise US$25M

Morpheus Labs provides businesses and entrepreneurs with the necessary infrastructure and a set of integrated tools to quickly design, test and deploy distributed ledgers 

Exclusive: Malaysian ECF platform Ata Plus working on Crowdfund of Funds, closed Secondary Exchange

A closed Secondary exchange will enable ECF investors who have shares in an issuer to buy from and sell shares to each other within a closed user group, hence allowing investors to sell down or increase their stakes 

Conservative nature of VCs prompts startups to go for crowdfunding in Malaysia: Ata Plus’s Elain Lockman

Unlike most VCs in the US who come from a startup background, VCs in Malaysia come from finance/banking/accounting background, so they tend to be generally highly risk averse, Lockman says 

Is an ICO legit, or is it a scam? You can tell from the whitepaper

Most white papers associated with scam ICOs play very strongly on the concept of "fear of losing out"