e27 discussions, what are some good startup ideas targetting kids?

We build tech 'to save the world', or to make consumers happy. But what about cool ideas for kids? 

[Discussion] My friend is depressed after his startup failed; How can he overcome this?

The young entrepreneur's first venture died an untimely death after a promising start -- despite giving his best, committing full time and investing loads of money 

e27 discussions, how do you pitch to more conservative businesses?

A lot of the most powerful companies in Asia have a very conservative and structured style, what is some advice for pitching to these businesses? 

e27 discussions, is Artificial Intelligence an existential risk to humanity?

Elon Musk says Artificial Intelligence is a "fundamental existential risk", Mark Zuckerberg called his comments irresponsible. Who is correct? 

e27 Discussions: Should you drop out of college or wait to gain some experience before launching own venture?

Is there a right time to launch a startup, or is it all about the right opportunity? 

e27 discussions, how do you generate (quality) ideas?

Startups are constantly evolving and a crucial part of the process is forging new paths. But how do people come up with good ideas? 

e27 Discussions: Are women-in-tech events enough to solve gender issues in the industry?

Women-in-tech need to do more than just gathering in a seminar to talk. What can they do to take it beyond the auditorium? 

e27 discussions, how do you resolve workplace conflicts without getting personal or hurting other parties' feelings

And to that point, how do you make it clear the problem is important without being too harsh 

e27 discussions, what do you hope to get out of Echelon?

The best conference in Asia starts tomorrow, so we ask you, what are your goals at Echelon Asia 2017?